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AD&D Fighting Wheel
Item code: na
Internal Code: na
Type: Game Aid
Release: 1981
Design: Tom Kirby
Format: Grey cardboard sleave, square. Plastic wheel consists of three individual wheels.
Print Runs: → 1st
Rarity: Rare
Value @NrMint: $65
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 50 grams
Dimensions: width: 16.0 cm
height: 16.0 cm
depth: 0.2 cm
Collectors arcana: Frank Mentzer confirmed, that 1,000 of these were printed. This is "No.1 Fighters, Paladins, Rangers and Bards" - other fighting wheels were purportedly planned for other character classes but sales were weak, so the series was discontinued. Some were reissued with errata sheets later. The errata sheet does not seem to affect the value. The copyright label reads "© 1981 TSR Hobbies Inc., Wisconsin, USA.", but the fighting wheel was produced in the UK. Don Turnbull, head of TSR UK had the idea to produce this item. It was first released at the UK GamesFair 1981 and was originally made exclusively for UK RPGA members. It was later offered to the general public via the Dungeon/Mail Order Hobby Shop to try and unload the overstock. (Thanks to Frank Mentzer for confirming this information and to Shawn Hibbs for researching this issue.)

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