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Item code: na
Internal code: na
Type: PC Playing Aid Accessory
(IBM PC compatible)
Release: 1989
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Design: Al Escudero
James Ward
Original Programming: David Wong
Development: Graeme Bayless
Robert V. Daly
Documentation: Al Escudero
George MacDonald
Apple Version: Roland Gustafsson
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (1989)
Rarity: Rare
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 225 grams
Dimensions: width: 14.5 cm
height: 22.5 cm
depth: 3.0 cm

Collectors value: Hard to find, but still cheaply available. Collectors arcana: Shrink-wrapped items add 100% to their base value.

The cover art is a piece by Jeff Easley.

"SSI's DUNGEON MASTERS ASSISTANT, VOLUME II: CHARACTERS & TREASURES is a great time saver for Dungeon Masters (DMs). No longer is it necessary to spend hours populating a town or generating player characters or henchmen. Speed up your game immeasurably by generating detailed player or non-player characters, and large treasure hoards, in moments!
Every facet of character generation, from languages and spell lists to class and racial abilities, is accounted fo. All character classes, including multi-class characters, can be rolled up in a snap and will appear on ready made character sheets with all the pertinent information ready to use. You can even print these sheets for instant use.
All magic items from the AD&D® Dungeon Masters Guide and Unearthed Arcana, plus all treasure types from the Monster Manual and Monster Manual II, can be generated with this powerful program. By letting the computer do most of the number-crunching work, such time consuming chores as creating large numbers of gems, jewelry, or intellgent weapons become simple tasks. Harness the power ofb the computer with this versatile utility — spend less time in preparation and more time enjoying AD&D® game play."

Box contents

  • Booklet, 16 pages, softcover.
  • one 5.25 inch floppy disk
  • Data Card IMB PC VERSION
  • SSI 1989 catalog
  • DragonStrike Flyer
  • Business Reply Card

Back of Box Booklet, catalog and floppy disks
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