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The Lost Caverns of Tsojconth
Item code: na
Internal Code: na
Type: Tournament Adventure
Levels: 6-9
Release: 1976 (Wintercon V)
Author: Gary Gygax
Format: Soft cover, full size, 13 looseleaf pages.
Print Runs: → 1st
Rarity: Very Rare
Value @NrMint: $800
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 48 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.6 cm
height: 28.0 cm
depth: 0.1 cm
Collectors arcana: This is the tournament version of the highly popular S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. This was played at WinterCon V 1976 with several hundred copies reportedly printed. While produced by TSR this one was actually printed by Metro Detroit Gamers for the MDG WinterCon. We assumed they were sold only at the convention but a small pile of these turned up in a game shop in Nebraska from within its old stock.
As such, there have been more of these offered for sale over the same period of time vs the C1 & C2 tournament copies. This might be why they are auctioning for less. TSR would make a tourney dungeon to highlight the company at the tournament and playtest it prior to mass production. Keep in mind TSR was merely a guest at WinterCon/Michicon so it was in their best interest to make a good impression to meet expectations. We all know they made an excellent impression with the later S4. These were originally sold in Ziplock bags which was standard of the day.

Information and data compiled by The Scribe with some help from Kynan Connor, USA.

"Several decades ago when the Archmage Iggwilv brought the Marches of Perrunland under his domination, considerable store of treasure was taken from that place and sequestered by him somewhere in the no-man's-land between the Duchy of Geoff and the forsaken Sea of Dust, Among his loot were several rare and prized tomes and the fabled lamp known as Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn. When Iggwilv was slain by the Demon Graz'zt and his minions, rumors began to spread regarding where the Archmage's treasure trove was located. Considering the cartloads of precious metals and gems taken away during the overthrow, it is not surprising that most of these whispered suggestions were ignored as spruious. However, the books and the Lanthorn were never found, and the rumors did reach some interested parties, for several expeditions have sought to locate these items, but the parties were either unsuccessful in their attempts to find the location of the Caverns of Tsojconth (where the most reliable rumors claim the treasure rests) or else failed to return."

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