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Dungeon Geomorphs
Sets One - Three
Item code: TSR9048
Type: Accessory
Release: 1980
Design: Gary Gygax
Ernie Gygax
Cover Art: Bill Willingham
Format: 32 page stapled booklet
Rarity: Common
Value @NrMint: $10.00
ISBN: 0-935696-37-7
Cover Price: NA
Weight: 150 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.8 cm
height: 27.9 cm
depth: 0.4 cm
Collector's Arcana: This booklet contains heavy cardstock pages of geomorphs which gather together all of the first three sets into one item.

The sheets are arranged with two square geomorphs and one rectangular geomorph. They were designed to be cut apart and it can be a little tricky to find a complet, uncut copy.

Description (From the front cover)

This new booklet is a combination of the original three sets of Dungeon Geomorphs released by TSR The Game Wizards: Basic Dungeon, Caves & Caverns, and Lower Dungeons. It contains 30 square geomorphic pieces and 15 rectangular semi-geomorphic pieces that are ready to cut out and use. With only 4 of the 45 units contained in this product, Dungeon Masters can form hundreds of thousands of maps in mere seconds! No longer will a Dungeon Master be forced to spend hours upon hours drawing a dungeon level that plays through in one session--with these geomorphs DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Fantasy Adventure Game players can look forward to infinite variety even though they may play more often.

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Thanks to Kynan Connor for help with the item detail.

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