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The AD&D section of the Tome of Treasures defines a new standard in terms of item description - this is the most detailed catalog of AD&D items worldwide. We cover different print runs and all the designers and artists are listed and described in the Tome's Rogues Gallery section. All items with sufficient sales data have a market value for "near mint" condition. The market value is determined by the outcome of auctions from all over the world. We periodically update the valuation, and for your information the month of the latest price update is given. The item pages also feature the description from the item's back cover and additional special information for collectors. Finally, the pages received individual backgrounds (a "foggy" version of the item's cover art).

There is a drawback, however. Scribe and I started working on the Tome of Treasures by the end of 2003, and I have worked continually on this AD&D section. Still, not all of the items are listed. These items will be covered in the coming months. We are regularly updating the site - normally every other week. Stay up to date by subscribing to the Site Update Thread in our forum.

I am responsible for the AD&D section and all scans and photos of the items in the AD&D section are from my own collection, until otherwise noted. The exception is the FORGOTTEN REALMS section, which lies in the sole responsibility of Christian Reitemeier.

Our goal is to create the best website for rpg collectibles. If you want to help by sharing knowledge or submitting scans or ideas, please contact us and join our online community.

Many thanks to our contributors: Christophe Smagghe, Shawn and Devon Hibbs, Michael Deaton, Lou Cioffioni, Kynan Connor, The Scribe, Shaun O'Neill, Paul Tremiti, Shane Glodoski and Mark Petrick.

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