Historical TSR logos
The logos below were derived from the History Booklet in the Silver Anniversary Boxed Set.

1973 to 1975: Gygax-Kaye logo.

The company, Tactictal Studies Research, operated out of Don Kaye's dining room.
1975 to 1977: Lizardman logo.

The new company company logo for TSR Hobbies Inc. owned by Brian Blume and Gary Gygax.
1977 to 1980: Game Wizard logo.

TSR Hobbies introduced the new logo and the slogan "TSR - The Game Wizards".
1980 to 1983: TSR Wizard in the Moon logo.

TSR Hobbies's latest change in corporate identity brought a new logo: The face of a Game Wizard in a circle. Unfortunatley for TSR, this logo upset religious fundamentalists who believed it to be an occult man-in-the-moon symbol.
1983 to 1991: Angled TSR logo.

The company's name changed to TSR Inc. This logo survived the longest and even endured the change of ownership during 1986.
1991 to 1993: TSR Golden Ingot logo.

With a change in the layout of the D&D line, TSR introduced this new logo, printed in gold foil.
1994 to 1999: TSR Dragon logo.

The 1993 logo change introduced the TSR Dragon on a metallic shield.
1999: TSR Silver Anniversary logo.

TSR had ceased to exist and the trademarks were now in possession of Wizards of the Coast. For the 25th anniversary of D&D, they introduced this special logo, designed by Tanya Matson.

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