This page is dedicated to all of the individuals who have made the scope and quality of Tome of Treasures possible. With the massive scope in printed and produced material it is impossible for any one person to put this together in any cohesive way. It really does take a village to do as much and for this we proudly acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals:

Scott Bizar, Axel Boucher, Chris Busse, Lou Cioffioni, Kynan Connor, John Corradin, Michael Dean, Michael Deaton, Brette Easterbrook, Shane Glodoski, Curt Gould, Géraud Gourjon, Allan Grohe, Devon Hibbs, Shaun Hibbs, Tracy Hickman, Jim Holloway, Jeff Imrie, Bob Jennings, Tim Kask, Ralph Kelleners, Pete Kerestan, Aaron Leeder, Bob Liddil, Joan MacDonald, Lee McCormick, Dan McCullough, T.S. McDuffie, Moritz Mehlem, Brian Misiaszek, Shawn O'Neill, Bill Owen, Don Pauley, Jon Peterson, Mark Petrick, Christian Reitemeier, James Sheldon, Rhea Shelley, Christophe Smagghe, Paul Stormberg, Paul Tremiti, Tom Wargo, David Witts

All credits will be entered for submissions that include first and last names so as to not create any confusion. Please visit the Contact & Submissions page for more detailed information on helping with the site.
A special thanks to Mike Kuo whose numerous contributions pale in comparison to the prodding that was useful in pushing this project to its current state. The initiation of this site and its namesake owes a debt to Mike.

A very deserved thank you to the founding and contributing energies of TSR, Wizards of the Coast, and Hasbro for respectively creating, reviving, and sustaining the materials we grew up with and continue to pore over as collectors and players respectively.

A special thanks to Lawrence Schick whose sentinal work with Heroic Worlds opened up a whole new understanding of the scope of materials in print and a respect to the collectibility of such items.

Last, but not least, a thank you to all with online presences who have laid the paving stones for this hobby. There are simply too many to name to risk forgetting someone. Their work online have inspired and educated many collectors including ourselves here at ToT.

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