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Tracy Raye Hickman

He is the husband of Laura Hickman.

Tracy Hickman maintains his homepage at

Read more about Tracy Hickman's early days at TSR and Daystar West in our Tracy Hickman interview.

1980 Author Daystar West: Rahasia
1980 Author Daystar West: Pharaoh
1982 Author I3: Pharao
1983 Author I4: Oasis of the White Palm
1983 Author I5: Lost Tomb of Martek
1983 Author I6: Ravenloft
1984 Author B7 - Rahasia
1986 Author and Designer I10: Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill
1987 Author Dragonlance Adventures
1987 Author I3-5: Desert of Desolation
1999 Original Design Ravenloft (Silver Anniversary)

1980 Cover and Interior Art Daystar West: Rahasia
1985 Cartography LANKHMAR: City of Adventure
1993 Cartography LANKHMAR: City of Adventure

Impressum (Imprint)