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Early in its history, TSR was focused on developing an intensive set of rules in the tradition of highly detailed wargame design. The idea was the rules would be developed to use as a playing guideline and the consumer would create their own scenarios and adventures. It was some 3-4 years before TSR actually professionally produced and printed their first dungeons with the Giants series G1-3. Until that point TSR had allowed some game companies to produce and print adventures based on the Dungeons and Dragons rules. The most widely known example of this was Judges Guild. The other well known company was Wee Warriors by the Peter and Judy Kerestan in California.

Wee Warriors produced a broad geographical setting for 3 adventures called Dungeon Master Kits. The first of these adventures was Palace of the Vampire Queen (PoTVQ). The second was Dwarven Glory with the last being Misty Isles. The first two were officially endorsed and exclusively distributed via TSR's outlets (the full-sized 1st print versions are substantiated at least). This is confirmed by PoTVQ's interior for itself and TSR's 1985 price guide for the Dwarven Glory. There is no further reliable information for Misty Isles suggesting anything from our research. We have opted to include Misty Isles in this list because of its direct relationship to the first 2 adventures, as well as, its strong valuation on the market.

The Character Archaic and Endless Dungeon were a couple of the earliest items prepared by Wee Warriors for use in D&D role playing. The Character Archaic seems to be have distributed by the TSR but the Endless Dungeon is more murky as to it purpose in production and distribution. As such, for the purposes of research we will include them here specifically as TSR Gems until we find out otherwise.

The Village and Multi-Hex Planning Pad are also considered accessories usable with D&D game play. Whether these were made for TSR remains to be known.

We have included a few other Wee Warrior titles over in Tome of Treasures NonTSR Wee Warriors. Stop over and look over those items for more information on other materials produced by Wee Warriors. Oddly enough, there is lots of conflicting and spartan information available on Wee Warriors. This being a relatively new collectible genre we have attempted to present all of the information in the most logical way. As such, we are interested in hearing from you for more information and scans of images.

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Dungeon Master Kits
Palace of the Vampire Queen
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Multi-Hex Planning Pad
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