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10th Anniversary Sets
In 1984/85, TSR put out a number of items commemorating their 10th Anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. These items include both the 10th Anniversary Boxset and several different 10th Anniversary Module Combo Packs. There is nothing unique about the content of any of these items as they all are sold individually previously. Given TSR's precipitously decline during this period it would appear as though this is more of an attempt to unload overstocks as overstock notches on some of them would support. At any rate, this stuff is frustratingly rare now compared to its origins and they all command impressive prices on the market these days.

Some of the Combo Packs had 2 modules included and some had 4 in a pack. Oddly enough some of the paired modules are not compatible with each other which further supports they were attempting to unload some overstocks. However, the mystery remains as to why they would not just combine the full S series into one or the full D series into another
Unlike the 10th Boxset these have mostly AD&D modules as opposed to D&D system items in the boxset. There were as many as a dozen different of these released but only time will tell for sure as they surface and we get a full look at all of the various combinations. What makes these unique as a collectible is that few people bought these and kept them in the original shrink wrap so it is understandable they rarely show up for auction. Please click on any one of the combos in the list below for scans and additional information. The B set, N1/U2 set, and S2/WG4 are all confirmed to exist by Frank Mentzer
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10th Anniversary Boxset

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