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In 1981, TSR organized a players association called RPGA. There was a perceived need of creating a network from which gamers could meet other gamers with common interests for gaming in their proximity or meeting up at local conventions. This organization clearly helped extend TSR's market reach by encouraging more gaming in all markets but especially in smaller city or rural markets. The RPGA also commanded a considerable presence at the conventions that were hosted by TSR or others. The RPGA staged members only tournaments and members only meetings at these conventions.

One of the pluses of membership was access to TSR modules printed and sold exclusively for and to RPGA members. This page is devoted to gaming materials offered to either via the club's newsletter Polyhedron (which is also featured within the magazine departments) or at the tournaments with RPGA presences. These modules are rather rare and tend to command high prices on the market these days. Most of these modules are characteristically thin due to the function of the Tournaments they were played in. Each was used generally as a single round or single session of play.

There were a few actual tournament copies or prepublication copies. These are the original typewritten copies of the published modules that were handed out at the tournaments. The 4 commonly regarded as collectible are the R Series which were produced (xeroxed?) in a quantity of 50 hand numbered copies. These are quite valuable in terms of market nets and shall be featured here as more information becomes available. There were continuation of these series slatted for publication but the exclusive RPGA module series was scrapped in favor of using all development costs for mass market releases.

RPGA 5-8 adventure series was played and perhaps distributed in very limited prepublication condition. These were probably only available to DM at the tourneys, tournament organizers and the production department at TSR. This series was later printed in the RPGA's network newsletter Polyhedron as were a lot of tournament adventures. We think the RPGA 5-8 gets much of its hype because of its continuation of the highly popular and collectible original series.

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Adventurer's Guild Modules

Tournament Modules
R1 - To the aid of Falx
R2 - Investigation of Hydell
R3 - The Egg of the Phoenix
R4 - Doc's Island
R5 - Great Bugbear Hunt
R6 - Bigby's Tomb
R7 - The "Dwarven" Quest for the Rod of Seven Parts
R8 - Yog's Dessert
R9 - Tinker's Canyon
R10 - Air Plane!

R-Series Modules
R1 - To the aid of Falx
R2 - Investigation of Hydell
R3 - The Egg of the Phoenix
R4 - Doc's Island

RPGA-Series Modules
RPGA1 - Rahasia
RPGA2 - Black Opal Eye
RPGA3 - The Forgotten King
RPGA4 - The Elixir of Life

Art Portfolio

Impressum (Imprint)