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For some reason this collectible book genre is not necessarily dominated by the first print market spreads that other antiquarian disciplines see. On occasion there are 1st printings that clearly have much lower print runs or have dramatically distinguishable content from successive printings. Sometimes these differences lead to higher market averages and sometimes they do not for reasons we hesitant to attempt to discern here. Often, these items tend to be from the earliest of TSR products from the mid to late 70's. Of course we should mention that nearly all of the items highlighted within the TSR Gems department are first printings. However, this page will attempt to corral some of the lesser desired collectibles into a single area for quick reference.

Within this section we will attempt to highlight some of the more notable items that drive at higher market prices. As with other areas of this website, this is a work in progress that will be editable as perceived market averages change.
Greyhawk Supplement
Blackmoor Supplement
Eldritch Wizardry Supplement
Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes Supplement
Swords & Spells Supplement

Dungeons and Dragon boxset (Holmes)
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