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Pirates of Realmspace
Item code: na
Internal code: na
Type: PC game
(IBM compatible)
Release: 1992
Cover Art: Erik Olson
Writers / Authors: Al Brown
Rick White
Producer: George MacDonald
Associate Producer: Rick White
Director of Product Development: Al Escudero
Original IBM programming: Alexander J. Russell
Amiga Programming: Colin Fox
Games Design: Al Escudero
Music & Sound Effects: Mark McGough
Peter Grisbale
Dana Pearson
Art: Earl Thurston
Ken Thurston
Marianne Van De Landgraaf
Al Escudero
Alexander J. Russell
Technical Verification: Cyrus G. Harris
Editors: Eileen Matsumi
André Vrignaud
Special Thanks to: Jim Ward
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (1992)
Rarity: Uncommon
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 400 grams
Dimensions: width: 18 cm
height: 23 cm
depth: 4.0 cm

Collectors value: Nearly exclusively available on th US market. Shrinkwrapped boxes add 50% to their value.

The cover art is a piece by Erik Olson. You can see a variation of the cover art on cover of the SPELLJAMMER DM Screen.

"SOLAR WINDS Caress your face as mystic powers propel the majescic galleon through the atmosphere and into the ether of Realmspace. Gazing beyond the deck, you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the receding planet Toril, home of the Forgotten Realms.
"Ship insight!" a lookout calls. The dreaded snail silhouette of a neogi warship eclipses the planet and rapidly closes to attack. You turn the massive ship toward the intruder and call out to your officers and crew, "Man your station! Enemy off the port bow!"

Captain your own Spelljammer ship in PIRATES OF REALMSPACE. Recruit officers and crew to man your magical ship. Soar into the ether and explore the planets of Realmspace.
Embark on adventurous missions - deliver precious cargo, pursue pirates - to build your reputation as a Spelljammer captain. Ultimately, discover the terrible conspiracy that threatens to conquer Realmspace itself!

See fabolous mystical ships crewed by exotic creatures. Spelljam through wildsapce filled with ship-crushing asteroids. Find the jewelled planets that await you.

Sail through space in a spectacular, first-person flight simulator. Engage enemy ships in real-time combat. Fire huge bolts from your ship's ballista and bring the enemy to heel!

Move to close range, engage your grapples and board the enemy ship! Phased AD&D® tactical combat gives you direct control over all your officers and crew as they use weapons and cast spells.

Point-and-click to control all of the action and adventure. Superb graphics and sound effects heighten the drama. With new planets to visit and innumerable missions to fulfill, every adventure will be different than the last! Three levels of play make this game ideal for both the novice and experienced space mariner. "

Box contents

  • "CAPTAIN'S GUIDE TO REALMSPACE": Booklet, 64 pages, softcover.
  • two 3.5 inch floppy disks
  • SSI 1992 catalog
  • SSI 1992 catalog update
  • IBM and Compatible Data Card
  • Neverwinter Nights brochure
Box Interior Back of box
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