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War Captain's Companion
Item code: TSR1072
Type: Boxed Campaign Setting
Release: 1992
Design: Dale "Slade" Henson
Editing: John D. Rateliff
Cover Art: Erik Olson
Interior Art: Jeff Easley
Newton Ewell
Mark Nelson
Erik Olson
Steven D. Sullivan
Format: Boxed Setting
Print Runs:      First (1992)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: none
Cover Price: $20.00 U.S.
Weight: 850 grams
Dimensions: width: 23.5 cm
height: 29.0 cm
depth: 3.3 cm

Collectors value: Collectable condition includes unpunched sheets of stand-up pieces. These items were to be punched out of the sheet and used as gamepieces on the Ship-To-Ship Combat Map. Shrinkwrapped boxes add 20% to their base value.

"The worlds of fantasy space are legion. Not all are friendly. The spider-like Neogi slavers, the cold and calculating Mind Flayers, the savage Scro, and others all build great ships of war to catch the magical currents of space.
Now YOU can face the perils of deadly combat in the depths of the void. This game accessory gives you the chance to storm enemy ships or brave a barrage of wizard spells that could tear your ship apart. This latest boxed set, War Captain's Companion (sequel to the earlier SPELLJAMMER™ boxed set Adventures in Space) contains the following: "

Box contents

  • "War Captain's Guide": Rulebook, 96 pages, softcover (see picture at the bottom).
  • "Ship Recognition Manual": Rulebook, 64 pages, softcover (see picture at the bottom)
  • "Combat Among the Starts": Rulebook, 32 pages, softcover (see picture at the bottom)
  • 2 Ship-to-Ship Combat mapsheets: Fold-out map, colored
  • "Comparative Sizes Of Spacefaring Vessels": Fold-out map, colored
  • 6 Cardstock Sheets: colored (Ships, Player Aid cards, game markers; see example sheet at the bottom.)
  • 6 Sheets of ship stand-up pieces.
War Captain's Guide

Ship Recognition Manual
Combat Among the Stars
Example sheet: Ship stand-up pieces
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