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Fahrd and the Gray Mouser
Publisher: EPIC COMICS®
Release: 1990/1991
Adaption and Script: Howard Chaykin
Pencil Art: Mike Mignola
Inks: Al Williamson
Color Art: Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh
Lettering: Bill Oakley
Michael Heisler
Logo Design: Michael Heisler
Executive Editor: Carl Potts
Editor: Nelson Yomtov
Assistant Editor: Suzanne Dell'Orto
Format: 48-page perfect-bound softcover comic
Print Runs: First (1990/1991)
Rarity: Common
Cover Price: $4.50
Weight: 125 grams each
Dimensions: width: 17.0 cm
height: 25.5 cm
depth: 0.3 cm
Book One:
Ill met in Lankhmar

Book Two:
The Circle Curse / The Howling Tower
Book Three:
The Price of Pain Ease / Bazaar of the Bizarre
Book Four:
Lean Times in Lankhmar / When The Sea King's Away
BOOK ONE: "'Rogues through and through' is how fantasy and science fiction author Fritz Leiber describes his swashbuckling duo, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

'Ill Met in Lankhmar' is the tale of their first meeting—adventurers blessed with a touch of innocence and youthful naiveté. This is a story of dark romance—and evil as old as time itself—set in the murky streets of the once great city of Lankhmar."

BOOK TWO: "In the darkest, blackest despair, grieving over the loss of their first true loves, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser take to the high lonesome road in search of the solace of forgetfulness.

Sword & Sorcery's two greatest heroes journey across the wild world of Nehwon, haunted by the memory of their beloved Ivrian and Vlana, until their wanderings finally bring them to the very edge of the world... to a haunted plain... whose very dust echoes with dark necromancy—and the bloodcurdling cries of the lost, dead, and damned.

Only the herculean efforts of both Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser can possibly deliver them from the shrieking terror of 'THE HOWLING TOWER'."

BOOK THREE: "'Who but a madman visits death at home?!?'

The promise of release from the haunting spectre of their lost loves drives these two great heroes to the foreboding world of Shadowland, the Home of Death. The vast emptiness of Death's parlor is the testing ground of their loyalty and friendship. This is 'THE PRICE OF PAIN EASE'.

Human greed, vanity, magical vestments and mystic visions bubble in the cauldron entitled 'BAZAAR OF THE BIZARRE'. Friend risks life for friend as Fafhrd and Mouser adventure in this tale of dark sorcery and witchcraft."

BOOK FOUR: "Their long friendship dissolved over a petty disagreement, Fafhrd and Mouser go seperate ways in 'LEAN TIMES IN LANKHMAR'. Fafhrd turns to the spiritual life &mdasdh; divesting himself of wordly possessions, drink and other 'allied pleasures'. Mouser seeks a vocation more suited to his swashbuckling skills — as enforcer for the racketeer who has his sights set on relieving Iseek of the Jug — Fafhrd's new-found sect — of its growing profits. Avarice and deceit abound in one of Fritz Leiber's most satirical tales.

The call of the deep lures two adventurers into a tales of underwater drama. Tempting enchantresses, bizarre sea creatures and the fury of Nature itself unleash their evils upon Fafhrd and Mouser in 'WHEN THE SEA KING'S AWAY'.":


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