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6th print

Dungeons & Dragons Gazeteer
Item code: TSR11742
Type: Accessory
Release: 2000
Design: Gary Holian
Erik Mona
Sean Reynolds
Frederick Weining
Development: Skip Williams
Ed Stark
Editing: Jeff Quick
Project Coordination: Ed Stark
Art Direction: Dawn Murin
Cover Art: Sam Wood
Interior Art: Dennis Cramer
Graphic Designer: Sherry Floyd
Sean Glenn
Cartography: Dennis Kauth
Rob Lazzaretti
Format: 32-page booklet, stapled
Rarity: Common
Value @NrMint: $5
ISBN: 0-7869-1742-3
Cover Price: $9.95
Print Runs: 1st (2000)
Weight: 125 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.0 cm
height: 27.5 cm
depth: 0.3 cm
Collectors arcana: Shrinkwrapped items add 50% to their base value. Another version exists: The RPGA D&D Gazetteer. It is much rarer to find and was distributed to RPGA members.

"Welcome to the World of the D&D Game!

The Dungeons & Dragons® world is a place where powerful creatures contest with ordinary men and women in subtle war pitting good against evil, law against chaos.

It is a world of magic, a world of mystery, a world of fantastic adventure—all a backdrop for your own adventures.

Inside is everything you need to launch your own version of the first campaign world, including:
  • A full-color map of the land of the Flanaess, also showing the continents and seas of the planet Oerth.
  • A short history of the land.
  • Descriptions of 60 countries, ready for adventure."
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