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Shattered Lands
Item code: na
Type: PC game
(IBM compatible)
Release: 1993
Cover Art: Brom
Producer: Bret Berry
Associate Producers: Rick White
Dave Shelley
Lead Progammer: Russ Brown
Game Programming: Keith Brors
Robert W. Calfee
Games Design: Al Escudero
Art: Maurie Manning
Music & Sound Effects: Cooksey
Thanks to:
Jim Ward
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (1993)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 425 grams
Dimensions: width: 23 cm
height: 25.5 cm
depth: 4.5 cm

Collectors value: Easily available. Shrinkwrapped boxes add 50% to their value.

"In 1988, there was Pool of Radiance — the first computer game based on the leading fantasy role-playing system: ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.® What followed was a line of products that came one of the best-selling ever — over 1,000,000 sold!

Now SSI and TSR are proud to present a quantum leap in computer AD&D® role-playing experience on the most successful new fantasy world ever launched — the DARK SUN™ game world!

Unleash your imagination on a vast, savage world, sun-scorched and wind-scraped. Create a party from many new races with higher levels and multiple classes. Then embark on the most spectacular AD&D journey ever!

Imagine your entire screen filled with stunning graphics and cinematics. The action is continous, the suspense and drama unbroken — you never leave the screen to go into another mode for combat or conversation. The DARK SUN game world truly comes alive!

Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of powerful 16-bit computers, the game features smooth animation and game play. Your party moves realistically across the screen. You'll pick up and examine objects, interact with the physical surroundings converse with characters, battle monsters — all with rich detail and realism.

Experience superbly orchestrated music that changes with different locations of the DARK SUN game world and dramatic sound effects that enhance the on-screen

You do everything using your mouse for the quickest, easiest game play ever!

Prepare to role-play like never before — with the next generation of AD&D adventures! "

Box contents
  • "SHATTERED LANDS RULE BOOK": Booklet, 94 pages, softcover.
  • five 3.5 inch floppy disks
  • Summer 1993 UPDATE catalog leaflet
  • IBM and Compatible Data Card

Box Interior Back of box
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