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Crimson Sands
Item code: na
Type: PC online game
Release: 1996
Cover Art: Brom
Producer: Scott Cuthbertson
Associate Producers: Jeff Shotwell
André Vrignaud
Online Progammer: Cathryn Mataga
Host Code Progamming: Frank Suchomel
Additional Programming: Russ Brown
Keith Brors
Doug Grounds
Original Engine Programming: Robert W. Calfee
Mike Coustier
Art: Mike Filippoff
Music & Sound Effects: Ralph "Cooksey" Thomas
Thanks to:
Jim Ward
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (1996)
Rarity: Rare
ISBN: 0-917059-66-2
Cover Price: na
Weight: 350 grams
Dimensions: width: 19 cm
height: 24.0 cm
depth: 2.8 cm

Collectors value: Shrinkwrapped boxes add 50% to their value.

Crimson Sands is a rare PC online game and was released in 1996. It was an online role-playing game for the DARK SUN Campaign Setting. The game ran on TEN network (the online platform ceased to exist in 1999 and since then, the game is unplayable). This item is rare and there is some serious interest mainly by video games collectors.

In the second half of 2004 it only showed up once during only once, in December 2004. The item went for $88 with a third serious bidder at $63. A second copy showed up only in April 2006, it was a BIN offer at $59.95 (eBay 8273681876) and was gone within minutes. Later in 2006 and 2007 it sold three times slightly below $30.

Please report information regarding this item.

"This is not a playable game by itself. You must subscribe to Ten™ (Total Entertainment Network) and have the enclosed CD-ROM to play.

In development for over two years, AD&D® DARK SUN® ONLINE: CRIMSON SANDS is a true 32-bit Winodws® 95 application. The engine has been completely overhauled for online gaming. The interface, streamlined for multi-player gaming, features enhancements to party commands, easy chat commands, and special options. Just sign-on to the Total Entertainment Network (materials included) for a multi-player adventure without equal!

Welcome to the biggest AD&D® DARK SUN® game yet! All new regions guarantee months of exploration — you may never find everything we've put in this huge cyberspace game universe. But you will enjoy the search, because now you can join your friends and play together! Which means that, instead of dealing with 'monsters', you can deal with the meanest and most devious creatures at all — real opponents! Test your might against your best friend. Find out once and for all who's got the KILLER CHARACTER. And this ain't no private party — this is a game world inhabited by hundreds of real participants, just like you!
Quests and treasure abound!Myriad NPCs speak with you, and often are willing to assist you. Of course, others are just as happy to lie and cheat. Sometimes they'll ask you to help them, or to visit strange, far-off lands. Be warned though, the game is called CRIMSON SANDS for a very good reason..."

Box contents (pictures see below)
  • "CRIMSON Sands User Manual": Booklet, 94 pages, softcover.
  • one CD-ROM in jewel case
  • Data Card
  • SSI catalog
  • Business Reply Card


Back of box

User Manual

Data card

SSI catalog Business Reply Card
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