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The Falcon and the Wolf
Item code: TSR3116
Type: Novel
Release: 2000
Author: L. Richard Baker III
Format: PDF release
320 pages
Print Runs: First (May 2000)
Rarity: na
Value@NrMint: na
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: na
Dimensions: na

"Stinging needles of ice and snow whipped across the frozen road, clawing at Prince Gaelin Mhoried. He shivered in the teeth of the bitter wind and drew his heavy woolen cloak closer to his body. Although the month of Pasiphiel was nearly gone, winter hadnít released the land of Mhoried from its grip. Nearly a foot of snow still lay over the countryside, and in places man-high drifts lingered in the shadows of the woods beside the road. It was unseasonably cold weather, even for Mhoried, a land accustomed to long and cold winters. Worse yet, the skies brooded with the promise of more snow. Despite the cold and gathering gloom, Gaelin enjoyed the ride. The ancient forest on either side of the road was deep and dark, steeped in a sense of purpose that silenced his thoughts. Mhoriedís wild places brought him solace and quiet reflection, an emptiness in which he could examine himself with unflinching honesty. The harsh weather only"
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