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The Complete Starter Set

TSR 1167. 1996 release. ISBN 0-7869-0640-5. No cover price given. Value@NM: $15
Dimensions - width: 51.5 cm, height: 31 cm, depth: 5.2 cm. Weight: 1.200 grams

Collector's Arcana: This item is uncommon. It is the widest AD&D boxed setting.
This item is basically the same than FIRST QUEST and Introduction to AD&D. It does not contain the CD anymore. Shrink-wrapped items add 50% value.

Front Cover

Back Cover

"Picture a fantastic world filled with monsters, treasures, and daring deeds waiting to be done. Imagine crumbling stone towers and mysterious underground dungeons waiting to be explored and plundered. Imagine yourself as a mighty hero, a cunning wizard, or a stealthy thief, facing every danger with your sword or your magic.

The ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game is the best-selling fantasy role-playing game ever published. In it, two to seven players control the actions of imaginary warriors, wizards, and other heroes in battles against fierce monsters for gold and glory.

This box contains everything you need to play ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS:
  • The Player's Handbook outlines the basic rules, expanded rules, and magic spells;
  • The DUNGEON MASTER® Guide provides special information for the game master, and three thrilling adventures;
  • The MONSTROUS MANUAL™ is filled with ferocious monsters and rich treasures;
  • A full-color dungeon map gets your first adventures started right away;
  • Six hero cards give complete details on the game characters;
  • A stand-up screen contains the information the Dungeon Master needs to run the game;
  • Six plastic figures represent the players' characters;
  • Seven different types of dice control the action;
  • The Book of Lairs provides enough adventures for hundreds of hours of play!"
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