Wyrm Works

A company from the 90's that produced a number of map oriented type products for generic fantasy gaming. Most of all the offerings were put together by Mike Pitts.

We contacted Kory M. Kaese of Mystic Station Designs, LLC. He told us Mystic Station Designs, LLC publishes and produces the Wyrm Work collections.  There are currently additional Wyrm Work projects in the works. Mystic Station Designs, LLC is also a North American Distributor and Licensee Publisher of Chivalry & Sorcery and SkillSkape materials.

Kory continues to describe the union of the two small companies. "How MSD starting working with WyrmWorks is kind of interesting. As many game companies do at Gencon they look for resources at the convention, from artists to authors and editors to cartographers (Especially cartographers).  I was working our booth when one of my crew (the person who runs the table) who just took a break tossed me out of my booth and told me to go look at a specific booth because of the maps.  Not being one to argue (yeah right) with the person who runs my table I decided to listen.
I found Mike’s booth and instantly fell in love with his maps. I was trying to think on how to justify the capital expense to have him draw all of our maps.  It would have been worth not producing anything for two years just to have one map drawn.
It turned out that Mike (The gentlemen that is WyrmWorks) is really a great guy and had no issue discussing a contract to make maps for MSD after Gencon."

As it turned out, MSD wound up negotiating the rights to publish and distribute the current set as featured here with the intention of producing additional sets in the near future.

All of these items are still currently in print and for sale at Mystic Station Designs, LLC. We at Tome of Treasures would like to thank Mystic Station Designs, LLC and Kory M. Kaese for the generous help with all of the information herein.

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