Quicksilver Fantasies

Quicksilver Fantasies produced a series of modules with each one containing 3 short adventures for solo-play for most fantasy role playing game systems. Further, each miniscenario within each modules is geared toward a specific class of character.

Detail from sticker on cover of Freak Show....

The Mini Series
#1 Fighter, Assassin, Cleric L1-4
#2 Thief, Wizard, Fighter L1-4
#3 Paladin, Illusionist, Ranger L1-4
#4 Valkyrie, Druid, Thief L1-4

Quicksilver Fantasies also produced a series of Maxi-solo adventures. We do not know exactly how to describe the differences between the two series other than the earlier seems to be for basic levels and the newer for intermediate levels, so we are looking forward to more assistance with this.

The Maxi Series
#1 Message from Heartbreak Mountain
#2 Journey from Rigour
#3 Search for the Treasures of Term
#4 Quest of the Roan Hart

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