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Armageddon Design Group

We only have a single item from this company so far. The numeration on the title would suggest that there are more. As such, the Armatac II is simply a stencil for creating adventure maps or tiles. Please visit the research forums to add more items from this publisher.

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Image and information courtesy of Kynan Connor.

The Armatac II
Frequency Very Rare
1st (assumed)
Item Code 401
Type Generic Mapping Aid
Copyright n/a
Author(s) n/a
Artwork n/a
Cartography n/a
Place of Publication n/a
Printer n/a
Format Plastic Stencil on board with cover sheet
ISBN n/a
Cover Price n/a
Mass 30g
Dimensions length 21.5cm,
width 14cm,
thickness .1cm

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