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Arkwen Research Foundation

There only seems to be one item in circulation by this company. The ArkleTome. Being printed in 1990 this work gives you a good look at the look and feel of gaming in the 90's. They cite Mountain Dew and whoever makes Pringles and York Peppermint Patties in the credits as their inspiration for the book. This tome has a new look at character classes, spells, abilities and Monsters. While the work is meant to look as though it is a stand alone gaming world/system it clearly functions as their supplement to the AD&D game system.

The Arkwen Research Foundation boasts two locations in California and New York City. They mention The ArkleTome Vol.II in the back of the first one but we have not seen it if it was ever published. Vol II promised recipes for Arklechili...I suppose we will continue to wait patiently.

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The ArkleTome
Frequency Very rare
1st (assumed)
Item Code #0001-A
Type Generic fantasy role-playing supplement
Copyright Copyright pending 1990, Arkren Research Foundation
Author(s) n/a
Artwork n/a
Cartography n/a
Place of Publication Rancho Palos, California, United States; New York, New York, United States
Printer n/a
Format 90 page softcover, stapled
ISBN n/a
Cover Price n/a
Mass 234g
Dimensions length 27.8cm,
width 21.3cm,
thickness .6cm

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