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80-Northwest Publishing

Curious small company with the only title that we know of being authored by the diverse Robert Liddil. The Captain 80 Book of Basic Adventures is a supplement for building adventures in BASIC computing language for TRS-80. The interior description suggests the programming is meant to be voice activated and interactive adventuring. This could be considered a supplement for building adventures intended for computer gaming. What value this holds for Dungeons and Dragons rpg adventuring? Not quite sure. But it is an interesting item to consider in the context of Robert Liddil's contributions to the rpg industry.

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Image and information courtesy of Kynan Connor.

Enlarged scans

The Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures
Frequency Very Rare
Item Code n/a
Type Fantasy adventure programs in BASIC
Copyright 1981 by 80-Northwest Publishing, 1st printing November 1981
Author(s) Robert Liddil
Artwork Margaret G. Farrell
Cartography n.a
Place of Publication Tacoma, Washington, United States
Printer n/a
Format Full sized, soft cover, 252pp
ISBN n/a
Cover Price n/a
Mass 506g
Dimensions length 27.6cm
width 20.9cm
thickness 1.5cm

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