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Introduction to the General Provisioner Archive section.

By The Scribe

Welcome to the Tome's comprehensive encyclopedia project bent on covering all general role playing game companies and their products. Here you find an ongoing project to identify and present information, statistics, and images of all rpg items sorted by publisher. TSR has extensive representation in its own section at the Tome and is identified separately from this department.

Please visit the RPG research forums to add to our growing research data or just download information for your own collectible adventuring. As these areas begin to take shape with content, I will be restructuring this archive area of the tome to permanently record this community supported data.

Be sure to stop into the General Provisioner. This is the Tome's general discussion forum dedicated exclusively to all publications this section covers. This area will also serve as the rallying point toward the building of the RPG content of the Research Forums. Additionally, you will find a slowly building data record of significant auction sales of select collectible items. All are visitor generated and immediately usable to the community.

Our goal is to create the best web site for rpg collectibles. If you want to help by sharing knowledge or submitting scans or ideas, please contact us and join our online community.

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