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Introduction to the NonTSR/Generic section.

By The Scribe

Welcome to the underworld of Dungeons and Dragons publishing! Most all of the items sorted here are made to interface with the Dungeons and Dragons game either directly or generically, yet are NOT produced or manufactured by TSR directly. Occasionally some items that do not fit are included by virtue of collectible and relationship to the publisher featured on these pages. Wee Warriors product list would be an example of this.

*NonTSR Fantasy NOT D&D reference list* is a list of items and publishers that you wouldn't necessarily find within this department for interface reasons described above. It is a decent list but incomplete nonetheless. It could be handy for cross-referencing in your quest to narrow your collecting.

This section is organized alphabetically by publisher or title/author if no publisher is available. This list also comprises all items before WoTC purchased TSR and launched its OGL (Open Game Licensing) circa 2000. Needless to say the list is incomplete and we are currently looking for submissions of new information and images of the items. We are also actively seeking authors, publishers and/or associates to these offerings for more in depth information. Please visit the research department within our forums to add to our growing research data. Tome Forums

Currently, I have hundreds of pages complete for this department. Alas, we have switched to a different site wide standardization and I lag behind with bringing the content up to current standards. I ask that you please be patient and visit the RPG research forums to make submissions and stay up to date with cutting edge information and discussions about the items that interest you. Also, you might consider watching for this department's updates by subscribing to the Site Update Thread in our forum.

Our goal is to create the best web site for rpg collectibles. If you want to help by sharing knowledge or submitting scans or ideas, please contact us and join our online community.

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