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U2: Danger at Dunwater
UK (U) Series #2
Item code: TSR9064
Internal code: U2
Type: Adventure
Levels: 1-4
Release: 1982
Design: Dave J. Browne
Development: Don Turnbull
Editing and Production: Penny Bogg
Tom Kirby
Carole Morris
Graeme Morris
Don Turnbull
Cover Art: Dave de Leuw
Interior Art: Dave de Leuw
Jim Holloway
Interior Art: Harry Quinn
Tim Truman
Cartography: Graeme Morris
Format: Two-fold cover
32-page stapled booklet
Print Runs: →1st (1982)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $9
ISBN: 0-88038-001-2
Cover Price: na
Weight: 125 grams
Dimensions: Width: 21.2 cm;
Height: 27.3 cm;
Depth: 0.3 cm

Collectors arcana: Shrink-wrapped items add 100% to their base value.

"'The little fishing town of Saltmarsh is threatened! Why are lizard men gathering force nearby and why have they been buying large quantities of weapons? A party of bold adventurers must answer these questions or the people of Saltmarsh will never live in peace!

Danger at Dunwater is the second in a part of series of three modules designed and developed in the United Kingdom for beginning adventurers with the AD&D™ rules. Its plot follows direct from that of the first part (Module U1 — The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh). This adventure can be played by 6-10 characters of level 1-4. This module contains large-scale maps, full background information and detailed encounter descriptions for the players and DM."
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