Wyrm's Footnotes




Touted as a newsletter dedicated to Runequest system at its earliest inception. This was Chaosiums earliest house magazine. Greg Stafford was its first editor with issue #1 having fewer than 200 copies according to Mr. Stafford. This is another title that has questionable value to D&D collectors but has unquestionable value in terms of rarity, RPG historically and of course $$$. Specifically made for Chaosiums Runequest game and other Chaosium titles.
The publication of Wyrm's Footnotes ran concurrently with Chaosiums Different Worlds for some time before Chaosium axed WF in favor of DW.

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Title Wyrm's Footnotes  
Total # of issues 14
Years in print 1976-1982
Publisher n/a
Frequency Rare
Value@NrMint $200 for 1st issues
Wyrm's Footnotes, Issue #6
Wyrm's Footnotes, Issue #10, Fall 1980


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