White Dwarf




This magazine has had quite a history. White Dwarf is what the Owl and Weasel became after it died. The Owl and Weasel is also featured here in this index. This started out as Games Workshops house magazine but pretty soon became TSR's UK presence as Games Workshop was licensing products for the D&D system in the late 70's. As TSR created their own subsidiary in the UK, White Dwarf broadened their coverage of various role playing games. Even in its earliest days Games Workshop had an impressive run of fantasy miniatures available. In 1986, Games Workship announced its own RPG system Warhammer and White Dwarf largely became a house mag for its own game after that.
Early on Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are associated with this mag and has become a veritible UK gamer's who's who of contributors and luminaries.

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Title White Dwarf  
Total # of issues 1-290+ and counting
Years in print 1977-present
Publisher Games Workshop
Frequency Common
Value@NrMint $80 for the oldest issues to less than cover for newer issues
White Dwarf, Issue #1, June/July 1977
White Dwarf, Issue #2, Aug/Sept 1977
White Dwarf, Issue #74, February 1986


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