Tortured Souls!




This slick UK zine is layed out much like the Dungeon Magazine by TSR. It is packed full of scenarios for fantasy games and that is about it. Most of the scenarios are for D&D from what we can tell. This was produced Bi-monthly.

Apparently, there was another UK zine called Tortured Souls prior to this publication. We understand it ran for only 2 issues. More information needed on this before we add another Tortured Souls to the main index.

Please contact us with more information and images.

Title Tortured Souls  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print 1983-??
Publisher Beast Enterprises Inc.
Frequency Rare
Value@NrMint n/a
Tortured Souls!, Issue #2, December/January, 1983-84


Impressum (Imprint)