Strategic Review




This is TSR's predecessor to Dragon Magazine. The Strategic Review ran for a scant 5 issues and is surprisingly common on the market these days. Compared to Dragon #1 these are frustratingly inexpensive with sometimes going for $10 each. This newsletter is devoted to all things TSR in equal doses throughout each issue so there was a bit more information devoted to wargames than D&D. When the D&D tide changed rapidly this spawned the need for the Dragon Magazine for fantasy gaming and Little Wars for all of the other stuff.
The Acronym for The Strategic Review should not go unnoticed (TSR).

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Title Strategic Review  
Total # of issues 5
Years in print 1975
Publisher TSR
Frequency Uncommon
Value@NrMint $20
Strategic Review, Issue #3, Autumn 1975
Strategic Review, Issue #5, December 1975


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