TSR launched a large game club called the RPGA (Role Players Game Association). The function of the RPGA was to bring gamers together that otherwise couldn't find gaming groups to better increase its market penetration. The RPGA also had a presence at all of the major conventions throughout the US and abroad. The RPGA published its newsletter called Polyhedron for its membership. The polyhedron has been running continuously since 1981 up to today. Issues of late are bundled in with the Dungeon Magazine so this is no longer part of the RPGA membership if we understand this properly. As of the summer of 2002 Paizo Publishing LLC took over the operations of all the great TSR publications Dragon, Dungeon and Polyhedron.

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Title Polyhedron  
Total # of issues 1-150+ and running
Years in print 1981-present
Publisher TSR, WoTC, Paizo Publishing
Frequency Common
Value@NrMint n/a
Polyhedron, Issue #1, Summer 1981
Polyhedron, Issue #18, 1984


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