Out of the Mist...




Out of the Mist... is a UK fanzine that was printed in digest sized format. OotM was made up of a couple of different editors including Richard Lee and Jason Kingsley. This zine absorbed Lee's previous magazine called Shadowfire and another called Mystic Crystal, both of which are featured within this index. They printed the next issue as they had time to which was quarterly if their fanbase was lucky. This is why none of the issues have any mention of dates per issue. Many of the articles are literature heavy but all with an eye towards role playing in general.

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Title Out of the Mist...  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print 1985-??
Publisher n/a
Frequency Extremely rare
Value@NrMint n/a
Out of the Mist..., Issue #1
Out of the Mist..., Issue #2


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