APA journal that is purportedly the successor to the Wild Hunt from the 70's and 80's highlighted within this fanzine index.
Interregnum is an English word, deriving from the Latin: inter-, meaning "between", and regnum, meaning "reign" (or "kings"). There are several layers of meaning to the word; it's not too inaccurate to describe it as a period of lawlessness between the reign of a king and his successor. It can also mean an interval, a break, or an intermission. It is more of a way to describe the intention of creating a magazine that was only intended to take the place of The Wild Hunt while it was on hiatus in anticipation that it would come back.
The first issues began running in 1994 and was organized by Peter Maranci. This ran for 29 issues before it went on hiatus for a year. Ownership/editing shifted to Kiralee McCauley and Joseph Teller who both ran this zine up until 2001. Due to lack of submissions the zine started
becoming quite irregular.

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Title Interregnum  
Total # of issues 46 total issues
Years in print 1994-2001
Publisher n/a
Frequency Rare
Value@NrMint n/a
Interregnum, Issue #46, 2001


Impressum (Imprint)