Imagine Magazine




Imagine Magazine is a UK slick produced by TSR, UK. Much of the writing is geared towards TSR and local fantasy gaming in the UK with a few general articles reprinted from Dragon Magazine articles in the US. Printed in typical UK full sized A4 format. Available to subscribers were storage binders which should be considered quite collectible as it displays the TSR logo on them. If we can get around to it in the future, this magazine deserves an expanded historical overview with several pages to makeup for its lack of exposure on the Internet.

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Title Imagine  
Total # of issues 1-31
Years in print 1983-1985
Publisher TSR, UK
Frequency Uncommon
Value@NrMint n/a
Imagine, Issue #1, April 1983
Imagine, Issue #3, June 1983


Impressum (Imprint)