Great Plains RPGA Newsletter




We have never seen this one other than learning of it through word of mouth. In several years of doing dedicated RPGA searches on Ebay, this one has never been seen. This ostensibly would make it very rare.

Alert- While building the convention department in this
website we learned there was a wargaming group called Great Plains Game Players (GPGP). This group was headed by Jim Lurvey and we suspect this newsletter might be associated with this group at a later date. We actually had a Gamelog newsletter/ brochure put out by GPGP concerning
Gen Con XI (see image below).

Please contact us with more information and images. Contact us.

Title Great Plains RPGA Newsletter  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print mid 70's?
Publisher n/a
Frequency Extremely Rare
Value@NrMint n/a
Gamelog. Gen Con XI,


Impressum (Imprint)