Dungeoneer (digest)




This is the earliest Dungeoneer associated with Judges Guild in later issues. The first few issues were organized and ran (owned?) by Mark Hendricks and Paul Jaquays. They called their publishing outfit The Fantastic Dungeoning Society. Jaquays is a very active gaming personality associated with a number of organizations leading up to his work at TSR in
the late 80's early 90's. Jaquays and Hendricks did the lionshare of writing with Jaquays doing nearly all of the the art. Jim Ward, noted TSR personality, is also a contributor.
Jim Ward writes the dungeon scenerio for this issue entitled 'The Pharoah' Tomb'. While under Jaquays and Hendricks this zine was located in Spring Arbor, Michigan. By issue #7/8 the editorial/ownership shifts to Charles Anshell and production takes place in Oak Park, Illinois. Charles Anshell was a noted member of IFW (International Federation of Wargamers) which is the earliest association from which D&D is borne. Paul Jaquays continues to contribute artwork in issue #8. These digest issues are far less common than
the later Judges Guild versions and rarity should not be confused between the two. These were published on a bi-monthly basis. Apparently there were multiple printings of even the earliest sets.

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Title Dungeoneer (digest)  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print 1977-78
Publisher n/a
Frequency Extremely Rare
Value@NrMint n/a
Dungeoneer, issue 4, Feb/Mar 1977
Dungeoneer, issue 8, May/June 1978


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