The Dragon




This is easily to most prestigious magazines of them all. TSR's house magazine for D&D and all of its other product lines. TSR's product base was so large it is no surprise they did not have any room left over for other game companies products. It has run since 1976 up through the present without delay or stoppage. The Dragon was originally spun out of TSR's Strategic Review. The first editor of the magazine was Tim Kask who help found TSR with others. Tim Kask moved on from TSR to start the magazine called Adventure Gaming also featured within ToT's fanzine index. As of the summer of 2002 Paizo Publishing LLC took over the operations of all the great TSR publications Dragon, Dungeon and Polyhedron.

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Title The Dragon  
Total # of issues 300 and counting
Years in print 1976-present
Publisher TSR/WOTC/Paizo Publishing
Frequency Common
Value@NrMint 1st issue $200 consistently. Issues above 40 routinely fetch less than original cover price.
The Dragon, issue 8, July 1977
The Dragon, issue 50, June 1981
The Dragon, issue 79, November 1983
The Dragon, issue 137
The Dragon, issue 266


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