Different Worlds




This is one of the big so called 'slicks' magazines. Perhaps conceived as an in house magazine by Chaosium it became quite expansive in terms of material. This magazine was conceived/launched in 1979 and was regularly edited by Ehara Tadashie. When Tadashie left Chaosium in 1985 to work for Sleuth Productions the magazine went with him.
A letter from Gigi is a regular gossip style column in the back of the magazine poking fun at all aspects of the industry.

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Title Different Worlds  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print 1979-??
Publisher n/a
Frequency Common
Value@NrMint n/a
Different Worlds, issue 6, Dec/Jan 80
Different Worlds, issue 21, June 1982
Different Worlds, issue 27, March 1983


Impressum (Imprint)