Dark Fantasy




The Magazine of Underground Authors Dark Fantasy is an extremely rare 'pocket-sized' heroic fantasy magazine / fanzine with original fiction and verse, published by Shadow Press in Ontario Canada beginning in 1973. This magazine was edited and published by Howard E. "Gene" Day, a professional illustrator famed in his own right, until his death of a heart attack at age 31 in 1981. Gene Day worked variously as an Inker for Marvel Comics (on lines such as Spider Man, Avengers, Star Wars, Thor, and others), an illustrator for many fantasy and science fiction novels, and a contributor to other fanzines such as Locus. Issue #7 contains fiction from a number of contributors, including Charles R. Saunders, an African-American author who writes here about a hero named Imaro in a story called Kibanda ya Kufa (the Hut of Death). Saunders would much later release three books about Imaro, quite possibly the only black fantasy hero, who is based loosely on Conan. A great story, and one of Saunders' very early appearances in print.

It is safe to assume this is primarily a fantasy fiction zine which would mean it has little value to the role playing gamer. It shall remain here for research purposes.

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Image and information courtesy of Rhea Shelley
Title Dark Fantasy  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print 1973-1981
Publisher Shadow Press
Frequency Rare
Value@NrMint n/a


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