The Apprentice




Self-dubbed Canadian Magazine of Mediaeval Fantasy Gaming. This zine was produced by David Berman in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Contains lots of articles on FRPGs and seems to be particularly critical of TSR. The Apprentice (David Berman) drew the ire from Gary Gygax in a special review article by Gary Gygax himself of the Apprentice. This 'review' appears in the Dragon #22 if you have a few minutes (and that mag) to check it out. It is a response to the first 2 issues of the Apprentice so Berman made quite a splash quickly to get handed this rebuke so soon.
All in all, The Apprentice is a very good quality fanzine in terms of thoughtful content, organization and solid reviews of other zines/games. This is probably more of a tribute to the person David Berman rather than the magazine at large as most of the content is by David Berman. Berman is interested in merging the best of all rules system into one system organized by him. He sees this hybrid as the best of the best and calls his brand of roleplaying MFRP (mediaeval fantasy role playing). Issues contain interesting interviews by Ed Simbalist (Chivalry & Sorcery) and Ken St. Andre (Tunnels & Trolls). Full of reviews of game products. Has features on new monsters and magic. Every issue seems to include a scenerio for gaming. Printed Quarterly. Everything one could want from a fanzine!

We heard rumor of issues as early as 1976 which
would place them much earlier than the issues
highlighted here. Can anyone confirm this?

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Title The Apprentice  
Total # of issues n/a
Years in print 1978-???
Publisher David Berman
Frequency Rare
Value@NrMint n/a
The Apprentice, Issue #1, May 1978. (courtesy of Christophe Smagghe)
The Apprentice, issue #2, Fall 1978
The Apprentice, issue 3, Winter 1979
The Apprentice, issue 4, Spring 1979


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