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Introduction to the Adventurer's Press Archive section.

By The Scribe

This department is centered around periodically produced fanzine, newsprint, and commercial zines associated to or directly specializing in fantasy and science-fiction role playing games and wargames. Some of the zines are much older stretching back to the earliest days of organized wargaming in the late 50's to early 60's. Some are currently still in print. Some have ran concurrently for 30 years or more while others burnt out after a scant single issue.

The representation here is quite large. We are heading towards cataloging as many as 1000 unique periodical titles (estimated). As such, the purpose of the archive side of the Fanzine section is to point toward the Fanzine Research Forums during these early days until the community supported content builds to a greater degree. The Research Forums are designed to serve as a way for the community to upload aspects of their collection in comprehensive study threads dedicated to an exclusive issue or item in the grand spectrum of collectible gaming materials. One can go to these areas to also download knowledge about items others submitted to arm themselves while approaching these and similar items on the collectible trail. As these areas begin to take shape with content, I will be restructuring this archive area of the tome to permanently record this community supported data.

Be sure to stop into the Adventurers Press Archive. This is the Tome's general discussion forum dedicated exclusively to the periodicals this section covers. This area will also serve as the rallying point toward the building of the zine content of the Research Forums. Additionally, you will find a slowly building data record of significant auction sales of select collectible items. All are visitor generated and immediately usable to the community.

Our goal is to create the best web site for rpg collectibles. If you want to help by sharing knowledge or submitting scans or ideas, please contact us and join our online community.

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