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Endless Quest (1982-1987)
Conan the Undaunted TSR8451 na
Conan and the Prophecy TSR8452 na
Dungeon of Dread TSR8501 na
Mountain of Mirrors TSR8502 na
Pillars of Pentegarn TSR8503 na
Return to Brookmere TSR8504 na
Revolt of the Dwarves TSR8505 na
Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons TSR8506 na
Hero of Washington Square TSR8507 na
Villains of Volturnus TSR8508 na
Robbers and Robots TSR8509 na
Circus of Fear TSR8510 na
Spell of the Winter Wizard TSR8511 na
Light on Quests Mountain TSR8512 na
Dragon of Doom TSR8513 na
Raid on the Nightmare Castle TSR8514 na
Under Dragons Wing TSR8515 na
The Dragons Ransom TSR8516 na
Captive Planet TSR8517 na
King's Quest TSR8518 na
Duel of the Masters TSR8519 na
The Endless Catacombs TSR8520 na
The Youngest Samurai TSR8521 na
Conan the Outlaw TSR8525 na
Tarzan and the Well of Slaves TSR8526 na
Lair of the Lich TSR8527 na
Mystery of the Ancients TSR8528 na
Tower of Darkness TSR8529 na
The Fireseed TSR8530 na
Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds TSR8531 na
Prisoner of Elderwood TSR8532 na
Knight of Illusion TSR8533 na
Claw of the Dragon TSR8534 na
Vision of Doom TSR8535 na
Song of the Dark Druid TSR8536 na
EQ Collectors Set #1 (1-4) TSR8651 na
EQ Collectors Set #2 (5-8) TSR8651 na
EQ Collectors Set #3 (9-12) TSR8651 na
EQ Collectors Set #4 (13-16) TSR8651 na
Super Endless Quest / AD&D Adventure Game Books
SuperEQ1: Prisoners of Pax Tharkas na $10
SuperEQ2: Ghost Tower na $10
SuperEQ3: Escape from Castle Quarras na $10
AGB4: The Soulforge na $5
AGB5: Test of the Ninja na $5
AGB6: Master of Ravenloft na $5
AGB7: Sceptre of Power na $5
AGB8: Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga na $5
AGB9: The Sorcerer's Crown na $5
AGB10: Lords of Doom na $5
AGB11: Clash of the Sorcerers na $5
AGB12: Curse of the Werewolf na $5
AGB13: Gates of Death na $5
AGB14: Trail Sinister na $5
AGB15: The Vanishing City na $5
AGB16: Shadow over Nordmaar na $5
AGB17: Spawn of Dragonspear na $5
AGB18: Prince of Thieves na $5
Endless Quest Crimson Crystal Adventures
EQCCA1: Riddle of the Griffon na na
EQCCA2: Search for the Pegasus na na
EQCCA3: Renegades of Luntar na na
EQCCA4: Stop that Witch! na na
Endless Quest (1994/95 series)
Dungeon of Fear TSR8088 $3
Castle of the Undead TSR8089 $3
Secret of the Djinn TSR8090 $3
American Knights TSR8091 $3
A Wild Ride TSR8092 $3
Forest of Darkness TSR8093 $3
Siege of the Tower TSR8094 $3
Night of the Tiger TSR8096 $3
Galactic Challenge TSR8098 $3
Bigby's Curse TSR8099 $3
The 24-Hour War TSR8100 $3
The Test $3
Sands of Deception $3
Castle Arcania na na
Battle for the Ancient Robot na na
Revenge of the Red Dragon na na
Challenge of Druid's Grove na na
Dragonsword of Lankhmar na na
The Amber Sword of World's End na na
Warlords na na
The Doomsday Device na na
The King Takes a Dare na na
Dragonwand of Krynn na na
Prisoner of Pharaoh's Tomb na na
Catacomb Books (Solo Quest)
Farie Mound of Dragonkind TSR8420 $10
Knight of the Living Dead TSR8422 $20
Gnomes100, Dragons - 0 TSR8421 na
The Final Bug ? na
Foul Play at Fool's Summit ? na
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Cartoon Show Book
Tower of Midnight Dreams TSR8711 na
Backward Magic TSR8712 na
The Witch's Spell Book TSR8713 na
The Maze and the Magic Dragon TSR8714 na
The King Who Wore No Crown TSR8715 na
The Star Snatchers TSR8716 na
Fantasy Forest
The Ring, The Sword, & The Unicorn TSR8701 na
Ruins of Rangar TSR8702 na
Shadowcastle TSR8703 na
Keep of the Ancient King TSR8704 na
Dungeon of Darkness TSR8705 na
Star Rangers and the Spy TSR8706 na
Castle in the Clouds TSR8707 na
Star Ranger meets the Solar Robot TSR8708 na
Jason's First Quest TSR8709 na
The Lost Wizard TSR8710 na
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