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All items are solid PVC figures and released by TSR.
HUMAN/MONSTER Adventure Figures (Asst H5034)
Stalwart Men-At-Arms TSR5006 $10
Steadfast Men-At-Arms TSR5007 $10
Heroic Men-At-Arms TSR5008 $10
Elves of the Woodlands TSR5009 $10
Dwarves of the Mountain King TSR5010 $10
Sarken Mercenaries TSR5011 $10
EVIL MONSTER Adventure Figures (Asst M5035)
Orcs of the Broken Bone TSR5012 $10
Troglodyte & Goblin TSR5013 $10
Bugbear & Goblin TSR5014 $10
Bullywugs of the Bog TSR5015 $10
Skeleton Soldiers of Sith TSR5016 $10
Sinister Spectre and Lich TSR5017 $10
BENDABLE MONSTER Adventure Figures (Asst B5036)
Five-Headed Hydra TSR5018 $10
Neo-Otyugh TSR5019 $10
Raging Roper TSR5020 $10
Deadly Grell TSR5021 $10
Carrion Crawler TSR5022 $10
Chimera TSR5023 $10
Fire Elemental (Magic) & Crystal Ball Treasure TSR5024 $10
Shambling Mound & Treasure Sack TSR5025 $10
LARGE MONSTER Adventure Figures (Asst L5037)
Minotaur & Crown Treasure TSR5026 $10
Odious Ogre & Book of Magic TSR5027 $10
Terrible Troll & Goblin TSR5028 $10
Umber Hulk & Dungeon Treasure TSR5029 $10

Action Figures (TSR)   -   Action Figures (LJN Characters)   -   Action Figures (LJN Other)

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