Our mission is to provide a venue for visitors of various levels of collecting interest and knowledge to explore the universe of role-playing games (rpg). Tome of Treasures is a not-for-profit consortium of collectors who are dedicated to compiling a broad base of information provided by visitor contributions and core crew research.

Visitors can use this location to research existing role-playing games and make value assessments prior to selling or buying in the marketplace. Visiting contributors are encouraged to submit their images, information and ideas on rpg collectibles to help this venue be more complete by catering to the various interests of collectors within the community.

The primary function of Tome of Treasure is to provide a detailed perspective on all role-playing games. Our vision is creating a series of pages that will serve to both teach the novice collector and provide in-depth information for the more seasoned visitor, while at the same time providing a platform for the community of role-playing collectors. All mixed with a 'fannish' sensibility reflective of the folks at Tome of Treasues making these extensive pages.

Special Features functions is what shall set Tome of Treasures apart. Interviews, essays, galleries of existing artworks, bios, and pages devoted to collector concepts all lend itself to a continually updated entertaining and thought provoking medium. An intensive foray into the wider field of fantasy is also desired for future endeavors as if tens of thousands of rpg flavoured products is not enough.

Visitor contributions and site expansion solicitations is the ultimate goal of Tome of Treasures. All great ideas and passionate energy for collecting will keep the site energized. Please feel free to participate and enjoy the experience of reclaiming pieces of the past and sharing this with the community.

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