Q. Are you a retailer?
A. No we are not. We are a consortium of collectors interested in creating a single source for all things collectible role-playing games.

Q. Is any of this stuff for sale?
A. See above. Additionally, we are collectors, sellers, and in many cases both. Outside of the classified areas of the site and private conversation off of the forums we do not actively use this platform for the purpose of selling or adding to our collection. Nor should any of that activity be confused with the intended mission of the site.

Q. Some items have missing information, why is this?
A. This is where we may need help. Some data is simply not available and never shall be. However, there is LOTS of information that can be added or corrected. Please drop us a line if this is the case.

Q. How does Tome of Treasures make money?
A. Tome of Treasures is a charity project whose energy is wrought entirely out of passion for collecting and sharing with the community.

Q. Where do these prices come from?
A. The current valuation is a guideline for your online purchases. It is based on auction data collected on the internet over the years. Each assigned value has been discussed by experienced collectors. You can see at the bottom of each listing, in which month and year the prices were last updated. Some of them may be out of date. We recognize that this valuation could easily be questioned. Therefore, we are working on a scientific method for item valuation based on real world auction results. We will make this system public, when the time has come.

Impressum (Imprint)