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Documento sin título
Origins 83 (1983)

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:02 am    Post subject: Origins 83 (1983) Reply with quote

Title: Origins '83. Including DIPCON XVI and MichiganGamefest
Convention Dates: July 14, 15, 16, 17th, 1983
Convention Location: Cobo Hall. Detroit, Michigan
Type: Convention program
Significant Credits-
Host: MDG Metro Detroit Gamers
Convention Chairman: Paul Wood, Mike Bartnikowski and Bill Somers
Cover art: n/a
Auction Manager: Jeri Overby
Chief Auctioneer: Mike Bartnikowski
Copyright: n/a
Place of Publication: n/a
Format: 92 pages. Slick printed cover. Newsprint interior. Stapled
Cover Price: free
Mass: 124g
Dimensions: length 25.1cm, width 20.3cm, thickness .5cm

Back cover:

Significant events:
Two Player (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
Ace of Aces / Nova Games
Afrika Korps / Dale Sheaffer
APBA Baseball I / Dan Greenia
APBA Baseball II / John Downing
APBA Baseball III / Dennis Daughtetee
Attack in the Ardennes / Nikita Frobish
Berserker / Flying Buffalo
Borodino / Dave Schulte
Cross of Iron / Doug Schnee and Doug Trehn
Fortress Europa / Avalon Hill
Freedom in the Galaxy / Ray Ulman
G.I. Anvil of Victory / Mark Nixon
Gaming in the 1950's / Bill Jaffe adn members of the Collector's Guild
Garbage Games Gross Out / Jeff Cornett
Gladiator / Jim Burnett
House Divided I / Nikita Frobish
House Divided II / Larry Zoet
Imperium / Barry Eynon
J. Michael Hemphill Memorial Challenge / Yaquinto
Melee / Jeff McGowan
Midway / Dave Schulte
OGRE/GEV / Steve Jackson and Grenadier / Gordon Griffiths
Panzergruppe Guderian / Bob Fix
Panzerleader / Mike Hamann
Robin Hood / Bruce Shelly
Russia's War / Lou Coatney
Russian Campaign / Cliff Gleason
Scrabble / the Detroit Chapter of Scrabble Players of America
Squadleader / Mike Capcate
Starfire / Garner Johnson
Starfleet Battles I / Garner Johnson
Storm Over Arnhem / Russ Hall
Up Front / Don Greenwood and Avalon Hill / Origins '83 release and playtest
Victory in the Pacific / Ray Ulman
War and Peace / Mark McLaughlin
War at Sea / Orrin Mayer
Wooden Ships/Iron Men II / Mark Hancock

Multi Player (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
1829 Railway Gang / Francis and Thomas Tresham of Harland Trefoil
Autoduel / Patrick Dick
Axis & Allies / Greg DeCasare
B17, Queen of the Skies / Bruce Shelly
Borderlands / Bill Eberle
Brotherhood / Frank Chadwick
Campaign Trail / Frank Chadwick
Car Wars / David Ladyman
Car Wars / David Ladyman
Circus Maximus / Don Greenwood, Wes Coates and Dale Wetzelberg
Civilization / Tom Berendt
Collegiate Crew / Jeff Cornett
Cosmis Encounter / Peter Olotka and Gary Lakuzny
Cradle of Civilization / Charles Gaenslen
Darkover / Bill Eberle
Diplomacy, National Tournament / Dipcon / Al Pearson and John Caruso
Dragonhunt / Gary Donner
Dune / Gary Kaluzny
Family Business / Mayfair Games
Gunboat Diplomacy / Ben Schilling
Hoax / Bill Eberle
Illuminati / David Ladyman
Ironclads / Tom Gargaro
Junta I / Bruce Milligan
Kingmaker / Malcolm Wood
Nuclear War Card Game / Rick Loomis Glenn Overby
Quirks / Peter Olotka
Rails Thru the Rockies / John Luecke
Richthofen's War Demolition Derby / Rex Martin
Runes / Peter Olotka
Russian Civil War / Ray Ulman
Speed Circuit / Jim Burnett
Starfleet Battle Manual / Dave Navarre and Jim Rennell
Starfleet Battles II / John Hugener
Stellar Conquest / David Sweezea
Third Reich / Cliff Gleason
Titan / Steve Pederastes
Win, Place, & Show / Jim Burnett
Wizard's Quest / Avalon Hill game / Michael Steer of Random Games
Wooden Ships/Iron Men I / Mark Campbell and Mark Hancock
Wooden Ships/Iron Men III / Mark Campbell and Mark Hancock

Miniatures (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
ACW 1/1200 Ironclads / S F Simulations / Joe Brimer, Mark Luther and Martin Spetz
American Civil War / Kim and Kay Young
Ancient Naval Warfare / Greg Rose
Battle of Chickamauga / John Hill
Battle of Manassas / Jack Smith
Battle of Monmouth / John Feilla
Battle of Norway / Norm Drouillard
Battle of Rattlesnake Pass / Joe Clement
Battle of the Coronel / Randall Giesey
Battle of the Marianas / Dennis Alvarez
Battle of Yalu 1894 / Daniel Kerr
Borodino/System 7 & Empire III / Dave Earls adn the Northwest Pennsylvania Wargamers
Boxer Rebellion / Bob Beattie
C-In-C Modern Armor / Mike Reese
Chariot Race / Ramon Ross
Clash of Arms / Joe Brimer
Colonial Minatures / Rich Smethurst and Ral Partha staff
Complete Brigadier / John Grossman of Adventure Games
Deep Space Navigator / Jim Craig
Desert Armor / Steve Madjonaovich
Dungeon of Chrizmiz / Jon Michal
English Colonials / Larry Finazzo
Fantasy Battle / John Laing of RAFM
Fantasy Miniatures / Jim Lurvey of Great Plains Games Players uses Chainmail rules for this game
Fire in the Sudan / Joe Otto
GIAC MY / Ron Jongeling
Glory Road / John Seitz
Grenadier Visual Dungeon / Alan Barwick
Harla / John Laing
Heart of Oak / BC Milligan and RL Coggins
In the Age of Reason / Dale Wood and Todd Kerschner
JEB / Herb Barents
Jacoby's Dungeon / Jim Jacoby with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rules
Kunstrin Bridge Head 1945 / Mike Reese
Leatherneck / Spencer Martin
Longsword / Rich Baier and Larry Chaban
Macedon vs Mordor / Eric Paperman
Medieval Miniatures / Ral Partha hosts
Mideast Armor / Lee Dowd
Minitanks / Jim Adams
Modern Micro Armor / Joe Bromer, Al Younghouse and SG Simulations
Napoleon Tries Again / Steve Straub, Bill Beckwith and Bill Anspach
Napoleonics, Western Style / Jim Lurvey
Nevilles Cross / Tim and John Wineland
Operation Regenbogen / Randall Giesey
Predreadnaught Navals / Paul Grandstaff
Quickie Microarmor / Rick and Carol Gehringer
Race for the Dnieper / George Price and Joe Rodie
Rorke's Drift / Tony Adams
Samurai Skirmishes / John Laing
Seekrieg IV / Jeffrey Hunt
Ship of the Line / Nick Cirocco
Shootout at Aberneed / Dave Glewwe
Star Command / Ral Partha staff
Striker / Jeff Kalmanek and Tom Madder
Tractics / Larry Armin and Scott Domres
Tsushima / Terry Paul
Universal Soldier / Colin McClelland
Viking Raid / Jon Michal
Wagram 1809 / Doug Dick
WRG Ancients 15mm / Tom Jazlett
WRG Ancients 25mm / Tom Jazlett
WRG Ancients Intro / Mark Shields
WWI Naval Action / James Clark
Yaquinto Modern Armor / James Day

Family Games (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
Acquire / Dave Shulte
Auto Race / Gary Kaluzny
Empire Builder / Laurie Van De Graaf
Feudal / Ken Blaze
Football Strategy / Bob Fix
Hollywood Gunplay / Howie Dawson
Monopoly / Jim McEwen
Rail Baron / Laurie Van De Graaf
Risk / Jim De Cook
Slapshot /
Snits Revenge / Jeff McGowen
Stratego / Tom Saal
Warlock / Randy Smith

Meetings & Other (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
Awards & Special Guests
Awards Committee / Bill Somers
Collector's Guild Meeting / Bill Jaffe
Dipcon Awards Ceremony
Dipcon Society Meeting / Al Pearson
Display of Award Winners / by Collectors Guild
GAMA Meeting / GAMA President Rich Banner
Game Designers Guild Meeting / Mark Miller
Grenadier Painting Contest
HIA Briefing / Dana Lombardy regarding Hobby Industry Association
Meet the American Wargaming Assn
National Wargaming Alliance / Mike Bennighof
Origins Painting Contest
Origins Site Selection
Seven Years War Assn Meeting / Bill Protz and Ken Bunger
Special Collectors Auction / "50+ games from Charles S. Roberts' private collection of Avalon Hill Games circa 1963. Games Include the original Tactics!, Air Empire, Management, etc. Each game will be signed and issued with a certificate of authenticity and origin. This event is a must for game collectors and sure to prove entertaining to most hobbyists. Indications are that several of the games to be offered, especially "Tactics", will go for astonishingly high prices.

Seminars (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
1829 Seminar / RF and TE Tresham
A 30 by 40 Foot Room / The Companions
Aachen: Storming the Seigfried / Jack Radey and Winston Hamilton
Advanced Computer Wargame Design / Chris Crawford of Atari
Adventures by Mail Seminar / Robert Cook
Avalon Hill 25th Anniversary Trivia Seminar / Tom Shaw
Army Group North Seminar / Paul van Patten
Ask the Courier / Bob Beattie and Dick Bryant
Assault: Modern Ground Combat / Frank Chadwick
Austrian Army, 1800-1815 / Ray Johnson
Austrian Infantry Tactics 1809 / Gunther Rothenberg
BH Liddel Hart's History of the Second World War
Birth of an Industry / Charles S. Roberts
Blitzkrieg in the Golan: 1973 / Daniel Scott Palter
Centurion Games / Jim Goss
Champions Seminar / Steve Peterson
Civil War Game Design
Sluster! Planning & Production / Otto Schmidt
Computer and the Historian / James F. Dunnigan
Computer Games are Different / Chris Crawford, Paul Jaquays, Robert Woodhead
Computer Games Today / Glenn Overby
Cossacks are Coming! / David Bolt
Creative Challenge: SF and Fantasy / Greg Costikyan, Steve Jackson, Marc Miller, Greg Stafford
Creative Role-Playing / Lew Bryson
Death Throes of the Lost Front / DS Palter
Decision at Perryville / Vance Von Borries
Designing Balanced Encounters / Reid Climo of The Companions
Diplomacy Seminar / John Caruso, Eric Ozog
Empire 3rd Ed. Q&A / Jim Getz and Scotty Bowden
Europa / John Astell and Rich Banner
Fantasy World of Tekumel / MAR Barker
Fighting the Civil War the WWW Way / Keith Poulter
Figure Sculpting and Conversions / Julie Gutherie
Fundamentals of Computer Wargame Design / Chris Crawford
Game Graphics for the Hobbyist / Rich Banner
Game Tactics and Ground Tactics / John Prados
Gaming in JRR Tolkien's World / Pete Fenlon and Coleman Charlton of ICE
Gazala / David Bold
GDW Feedback
General Subscription Meeting
Getting More History Into the Games / James Dunnigan
Harpoon Advanced Seminar / Larry Bond
Historical Underpinings of F & SF / James F. Dunnigan
Hobby Shop Promotions / Bill Beader
How to Make War (in print) / James F. Dunnigan
Journal Subscribers Seminar / Loren Wiseman
Killer Angels / Helena Rubenstein and John Prados
Kirvograd: Design & Strategy /
La Bataille De La Moscowa Update / Dave Earls
Lawrence of Arabia
Life in a Maturing Industry / Frank Chadwick, Tadashi Ehara, Steve Jackson, Mark Herman, Steve Peek, Tom Shaw, Bill Watkins
Mapping Fantasy Adventures / Peter L Rice
Medieval Castle: Design and Use / Lewis Bryson
Meet Adventure Games / Dave Arneson, John Grossman, John Hill, John Luecke, Larry Bond, Alexandra Megarry, MAR Barker, Jeff Berry
Meet Fire and Movement / Nick Schuessler, John Rankin
Meet Steve Jackson Games / Steve Jackson
Meet the AWA / Jeff Cornett of American Wargaming Association
Meet the Freelancers / Al Nofi, John Prados, Eric Goldberg, Greg Costikyan, Lee Gold
Micro-Computers in Miniatures / Jim Getz
Military Use of Simulations / John Prados
Miniatures Today / Dick Bryant
Modern Game Strategy / Mark Herman
More Fascination from Eon / Peter Olotka and Bill Eberle
Mr. Lincoln's War / Mark McLaughlin
Myths & Realities of the Middle Ages /
Napoleonic Seminar / Paul van Patten
Napoleonic Today / Ray Johnson and George Nafziger
NATO Design Seminar / Bruce Maxwell
New Approaches to FRP Gaming
New Worlds of Role Playing
PBM G-2 / Otto Schmidt
Peoples Wargames on Parade / Jack Radey
Peoples Wargames Q&A / Jack Radey
Play by Mail Gaming / Rick Loomis
Powers & Perils / Richard Snider
Preparing to Win at Miniatures / Mike Reese
Problems of Freelance Game Design / John Prados
Publishing A Wargames Magazine / Keith Poulter
Randall C. Reed on Design
Role Master Systems / Coleman Charlton and Pete Fenlon
Role Playing Games Panel / Dave Arneson, MAR Barker, Liz Danforth, David Nalle, Randy Martens
Role Up Your Character / Ray Estabrook of The Companions
Russian Army / George Nafziger
Shoot the Empire / Otto Schmidt
Show and Tell Slide Show / Jeff Cornett
Simulation Challenge: History / Mark Herman, John Butterfield, DS Palter, Steve Peek, Jack Radey, John Prados
Solitaire Game Design / Liz Danforth and Mike Stackpole
Spy Role Playing / Steve Peterson and Mike Stackpole and Gerry Klug
Squad Leader Gripe Session / Don Greenwood
Star Trek: The Role Playing Game
State of Computer Wargaming / Chris Crawford
Sturm Nach Osten / Lou Coatney
Team Gaming / Jeff Cornett
Traveller Seminar / Marc Miller
Victory Games Staff Seminar / Mark Herman, Gerry Klug, Eric Smith, Bob Ryer, Jerry Glichenhouse
War in Europe Seminar / Neil K Hall
Weapons & Armor Seminar / Matt Balent
Weaving Illusions / John Wheeler and Peter Rice
What Ever Happened at SPI / James F Dunnigan
Whats Up From Blade / Mike Stackpole and Liz Danforth
World of Ysgarth / David F. Nalle
WRG Ancients Seminar / Tom Hazlett and Steve Herndon

Demonstrations (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
Advanced Microarmor Demo
Alien Force Demo / Wayne Close
Army Group Center-North / Paul van Patten
Attack on Thieves Lair / Reid Climo demo from The Companions The Curse of Hareth
Barbarian, Kingdom, & Empire / Erik Wilson of Icarus Games
Begin the Night Fantastic / Richard Tucholka
Blue Max Demo / John Harshman
CGS Gaming Demo / Citadels Game Series by Pat Flory
Challenge Tomorrow Demo
Checkered Flag / Leland Black
Combots Demo
Company War / Jim Griffith
Complete Brigadier
Convoy / Larry Bond
Cossacks Are Coming! demo / Ed Wierciak
Court of Kings Demo / Ray Estabrook
Dragonriders of Pern Demo
Drang Nach Osten Playtest
Empires In Arms
Field of Honor Demo
Figure Painting Workshop / Bill Beader
Forever War Demo / Jim Griffin
Game Designers Workshop / James Dunnigan
Geo-Tek Demo / Randy Reed
James Bond Demo
Johnny Reb Demo / John Hill and deane West
Juggernaut Demo / Frank Chadwick
KABAL Fantasy Role Playing / Ernest T. Hams and Jay Lucas
Kampfgruppe Demo / Jeff Lowry
Land of Adventure / Lee Gold discusses her designs Children of the Gods and White Heron Castle
MISSION / Ernest and Sharon Hams
Mayfair Mania /
Mercenaries, Etc Demo / Mike Stackpole
Mission: Kidnapped / Peter Rice
Monster Squash / Kathy Tucholka
Napoleon's Pensinular Campaign / Charles Gaenslen of Historical Concepts
On To Richmond / Bob Sarber
Qardardalikoi Demo / Jeff Berry
Rommel in the Desert / Alan Emerich
Slamanca/Vittoria Demo / Paul van Patten
Scorched Scrolls/Tiny Treasures! / John Wheeler
Solitaire Wargaming / Eric Smith
Star Commander / Bruce Whitefield
Star Trek: Demo Ship Combat / FASA
Star Trek: TRPG Adventure Demo / FASA
Swords & Glory Demo / MAR Barker
System 7 Using Empire III / Dave Earls
Tunnels & Trolls Demo
Urgent Adventuring / John Wheeler
Yaquinto Game Fest / Craig Taylor, J Michael Hemphill, Steve Peek
Ysgarth Rules System Demo

Role Playing (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
Another Piece of the Action / Pete Rogan
Attack of the Giant Rat Men / Pete Rogan (scifi)
Belt of Power / Jim Michaels (Rune Quest)
Bounty Hunter / Nova Designs book game (western)
Buried Beneath a Mound / Bob Mason (archaelogical with Chaosium's Basic Role Playing)
Burnt Lands of the Dark Master / Jim Glassbrook 4 AD&D tournament (frp)
CCC / Pete Rogan (scifi)
Champions of Prax / (Rune Quest)
Codename: Escape / (Soviet prison break)
Counterstrike: Terrorists! / Alternative Games (military)
Crown of Charlamagne / (frp)
Demons Game / AD&D scenario by Randy Martens
Dreaded Avins / Eric Johnson AD&D
Dungeons & Dragons / large scale D&D tournament
Energy Gate Tower / Jonathon Penzien D&D
Escape from Westerville / Kathy Tucholka (prison break)
Rengeworthy / Tri Tac Game
FTL Faster than Light / Tri Tac Game
Grimtooth's Lair / (frp)
Haunting of Ryufu Castle / Bob Charette (Bushido?)
Horror at the Fairgrounds / Pam Wisniewski (Call of Cthulhu)
How Many Will Die? / Michael Walden (Superhero)
Immortality Wars / AD&D tournament
Inter Planar Quest / Roger Fachini (magic and melee with miniatures)
Isle of Black Heart / Rich Collins (Rune Quest)
King of Hearts / Pete Rogan (scifi)
Kobold Hall / Large scale D&D tournament written by Mayfair Games Bill Fawcett
Labyrinth of the Orb / Ian Hutchenson
Long Trek / Joseph Paul and Conflict Simulations Club (The Fantasy Trip)
Lost City of Ajok / Jeff Schwartz (Rune Quest)
Lost Worlds & Death Duel / Nova Games hosts (fantasy combat book game)
Man of Bronze / Bob Charrette (Dare Devils adventure)
Operation Pressure / Jud Cole and steve Wiltse of DGC (Traveller)
Operation Rapier / Steve Wiltse and Jud Cole (Traveller)
Overlap / Tom Smith (Worlds of Wonder scenario)
Pirates of Orion / Pete Rogan (scifi)
PSI-World / Alternative Games (FGU game)
Psychic Eye / Alternative Games hosts (Blade Runner scifi)
Psychos & Starships / Pete Rogan (scifi)
Quest for the Chaos Sword / Tom Smith (Rune Quest)
Quest for the Double Jewel / Lawrence Parson (The Fantasy Trip)
Raid on the Golden Dagger / Tom Smith (Rune Quest)
Rogue / TriTac (scifi)
Ruins of Deathmoor / John Habermas (frp)
Salvage Mission / Bob Mason (scifi)
Slammers! / Nick Voss (Timeline)
Stalking the Night Fantastic / Richard Tucholka
Stop the Apocalypse / Michael Walden (Champions)
Talion Gambit / Nick Voss (Morrow Project)
Temple of Forever / Michael Walden (scifi)
Terror on Terra Mater / Bill Barton and Conflict Simulations Club (traveller)
Thieves! Get Out! / Sandy Krulikoski (Thieves World game)
Thru the Guardian of Forever / Pete Rogan (scifi)
Thunderhead Adventure / Thunderhead Gaming Center AD&D adventure
Time Patrol / Conflict Simulations Club (Scifi game by William Barton)
Titans Vs the X-Men / Terry O'Brien (Champions)
Tower of Amon Sul / Cliff Gleason (adventure in Tolkien's middle earth)
Trillion Credit Squadron / GDW (traveller)
Uncanny X-Men / Terry O'Brien
World of Arden / Jeff Fox (combines Morrow Project Medical tables and combat system, and Chivalry and Sorcery magic system)
Zangrid / Alternative Games hosts (Zangrid RPG system)
Who the Hell is Virginia Woolfe? / Michael Chelmecki (Avalon rpg system)
Bugbear Dungeons and Dragons / Tadd Bake
Introductory Entropy / by designer (Entropy rpg system)
Schermerhorn's Varient D&D / Pete Schermerhorn
Science Fiction Role Playing / Johnny Hill (scifi)
Star Trek - Triple Cross Campaign / Richard Burke
The Case of the Stuffed Octopus / Jo Lynn Stouse (Call of Cthulhu)
Advanced Entropy / Rene Vega
Somtimes a Great Tournament / Clark Iverson creator of Fondue Forks of the Gods
Uncle Barf's Revenge / Steve Wiltse (traveller)
Morrow vs Hanna Barbera / Michael Chelmecki (Avalon rpg system)
Unwritten Tales of the Brass Monkey / Jud Cole
The Maze of Osodo-Shirin / Julius Rosenstein (Bushido)
Gamma World / Kurt Kleckner (Gamma World)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy / Terry Williams (scifi)

Role Playing Miniatures (Event / Sponsor and/or Host):
Chateau: A Dream Ticket / Pat Smith (traveller)
Hunter/Hunted / Dale Maple (ICE Rolemaster)
Return of Guthrim / Steve Chisnell and Jaby Burns
Return to Juver's Hold / Tim Lasko (Rune Quest and AD&D)
Vandent Encounter / Jean Paul Gaudreau (traveller)


Following is a description of Origins and its history from page 3 of this program:

Following is a description of MDG (Metro Detroit Gamers) and its history from page 9 of this program:

Following is a description of each MDG convention from page 10 of this program:

Following is a description of each MDG convention from page 11 of this program:
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