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Origins 80 (1980)

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:47 pm    Post subject: Origins 80 (1980) Reply with quote

Title: Origins 80
Convention Dates: June 27, 28, and 29, 1980
Convention Location: Widener University, Chester, PA
Type: Convention program
Significant Credits-
Host: EGA - Eastern Gaming Association in conjunction with their 16th annual gaming convention
Cover art: Barbara Selletti
Auctioneers: MDG (Metro Detroit Gamers) staff
Copyright: n/a
Place of Publication: n/a
Format: 72 pages. Yellow cardstock cover. Light weight paper. Stapled
Cover Price: n/a
Mass: 116g
Dimensions: length 21.4cm, width 14cm, thickness .5cm

Back cover:

Significant events:
Game Manufacturers Association
Game Designers Guild
Hobby Center, game overview display - Bob Beattie
Painting Competition, miniatures display - Bob Beattie

Avalon Hill games, Flying Buffalo games, Chivalry & Sorcery, Martian Metals, Fantasy Games Unlimited, Historical Research Publications, Operational Studies Group, SPI, Eon Products, Johansen Miniatures, The Courier, Wizard Wars by Jim Arnold, Fictioneer by Johansen Miniatures, Boot Hill sponsored by TSR and Joel Haas, Ancient and Medieval Warfare rules by Heritage Models and Andrew Hendricks, Painting Demonstration by Heritage, Painting Workshops by the Courier, Colonial Wargaming by Yaquinte Publications, Buccaneer by Historical Research Publications, Follow Me by Historical Research Publications, Knighthood and the Middle Ages by Historical Research Publications.
West End Games - Imperium Romanum, designed specifically for Origins '80; Campaigns of Napoleon by John Prados and Scott Palter; Against the Reich by John Prados and Scott Palter; Imperium Romanum by Al Nofi and Scott Palter
Graham Diamond - Forest Wars Seminar, Forest Wars Games by author

Seminars (sponsors/events/hosts):
Avalon Hill - Squad Leader: Whats Left? by Don Greenwood, Napoleon's System of Manuever by Frank Davis, Mark McLaughlin, & Keven Zucker; Avalon Hill Staff Meeting: Q&A
Chaosium - Runequest Seminar by Greg Stafford
Clifford Sayer, Jr. - Naval Miniatures for Novices, Hidden Movement in Naval Boardgames
Different Worlds - Fantasy Gaming in Print including editors Tadashi Eharam Jake Jaquet, Tim Kask, John Sapienza, Ian Livingstone; Fantasy Fanzine Panel with John Sapienza heading the panel
Empire, Eagles, & Lions - Napoleonic Miniature Rules-How Realistic?
Empire Games - Development of Empire-3rd Edition by Scott Bowden and Jim Getz, Napoleonic Tactics and Grand Tactics; Armies of hte Napoleonic Wars; Civil War Tactics for Miniatures by Mark Abrams; Stars and Bars
Enola Games - The Third World War
Eon - Cosmic Enounters: Its Origins and Direction by Bill Eberle
Flying Buffalo - Play by mail games by Rick Loomis
Fairmount Simulations Gaming Co - Playing on the Railroad by John Desmond; Marching on Moscow by Albert Brown; The Next Generation in Fantasy Role Playing Games by Eric Raymond
GDW, Game Designers Workshop - Philosophy & Techniques of Game Design by Frank Chadwick; Wargame Graphics for the Amateur Designer by Rich Banner; Traveller by Marc Miller and Loren Weisman; System 7 Napoleonics by Rich Banner & John Harshman; Europa; Meet The Workshop
Glenn Taylor - Refereeing Large Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns by Glenn Taylor
Hero - Muscovite Army & The Russian Army of the 18th Century by John Sloan; Renaissance Tactics by Kurt Johns
Heritage Models - Future Trends in the Hobby by Howard Barasch; Miniature Rules Writing by Arnold Hendrick; New Miniature Rules from Heritage
John Prados - Modern Games and Reality; Limited INtelligence in 19th & 20th Century Games; Game Theory and Design Practice
Metagaming - Meet Metagaming
Northwestern Pennsylvania Wargamers Association - The TSS Games System by Craig Brocius
Operational Studies Group - Tactics From the Age of Marlborough to the Age of Napoleon by Brent Nosworthy; The Use of Boardgames in Miniature Campaigns of the Napoleonic Era; Modern Airmobile Operations by Tony Meridy; The Anatomy of Glory tactics in the Age of Napoleon
People's Wargames - The Korson Pocket by Jack Radley
Ral Partha - Napoleon's Classic Campaigns by Mark Rudin
Randall Reed - On Design
Signal - The Independent Magazine, A Threatened Species? by Charles Vassey and John Mansfield; The Hobby Shop by Pat Flory;Women in Wargaming by Linda Ross Mansfield
SPI Simulations Publications, Inc. - Basic Design Techniques by Jim Dunnigan; The 1918 Project; Rules Systems and Rules Editing by Eric Goldberg; How Games Are Produced by Redmond Simonsen; Computer Games; Realism in Design; Game Development by Brad Hessel; Air Defense in the Yom Kippur War by John Jessup; SPI Roast; Spirit Meeting; Ares Subscriber Seminar; S&T Subscriber Seminar; Moves Subscriber Seminar; SF Games in Progress; Modern Period Games in Progress by Joe Balkoski and David Richie; World War II Games in Progress; Civil War Games in Progress by Rich Berg, Eric Smith, Tom Hudson; Pre-19th Century Games in Progress by Rich Berg, Greg Costiykan, and Fred Schachter; Napoleonic Games in Progress; dragonslayer by Eric Goldberg; Nuts & Bolts, Operations of SPI's Non R&D Departments
Triangle Simulation Society - Age of Fighting Sail Seminar by R. Hines; 25mm Figure Painting for Beginners by Joel Haas
Wilmark Dynasty - Designer's Forum, Epic Campaigns by John Corridan; Emphasis: Role Playing by Lee McCormick; The Secrets of Milanda
Washington Games Association - Designing a Dungeon by Tom Filmore; From Dungeon to Campaign; The Wilderness by Ted McDonald; Stalingrad Strategy by Don Day

Tournaments (Sponsor/event/hosts):
Gameshop, Inc - The Hammer of Thor Tournament by Joe Angiolillo; Aces of Hands
Ken Rolston - Castle Morncrest, short D&D adventure
Phoenix Games - Fantasy Role Playing Adventure Tournament, Teh Demon Pit of Caeldo, made for Origins '80; Bushido; Elementary Watson-revised
Triangle Simulation Society - FITS
Task Force Games - Star Fleet Battles
West End Games - Imperium Romanum, designed specifically for Origins '80
Avalon Hill - Classic 500; Russian Campaign; Football Strategy by Tom Shaw; Wooden Ships & Iron Men by Wes Coates; War At Sea by Alan Moon; Dune by Kick Ulh; kingmakerby mick Uhl; Rail Baron by Richard Hamblen; Wizard's Quest by Richard Hamblen; Crescendo of Doom by Don Greenwood; Magic Realm by Jim Stahler; Air Force; Richthofen's War Demo Derby by Kevin Zucker; War & Peace by Frank Davis; Speed Circuit by Bruce Milligan and Jim Maticek; Win, Place & Show by Bruce Milligan
C in C & Interest Group Baltimore - Tractics 1/285
Cliff Mertins - Seapower
Dreadnought Demolition Derby - Dreadnought Demolition Derby
Diplomacy - Diplomacy Tournament by Lee Kindler and Robert Sachs
Empire Games - Stars n Bars All Nighter; Empire II All Nighter; Shiloh-The First Day; Shiloh the Second Day
Eon - Darkover
Flying Buffalo - Nuclear War
Fairmont Simulations Gaming Co. - Ralway Rivals by John Desmond; March on Moscow; 1829 by John Desmond
GDW - Brightface, The Official Traveller Tournament (specially prepared tourney for Origins '80
GHQ - Action in Peace
Glenn Taylor - Empire of the Petal Throne
Historical Alternatives - JEB
Jerald M. Finney - Combined Arms
Metro Detroit Gamers - Backgammon; Risk; Monopoly
Omar DeWitt - Duplicate Eylau
Orisek Industries - SPI Quads using Nebelwerfer Variants
OSG - Battles of the Hundred Days; The Legend of Robin Hood by Joe Bisio
Pennhurst Hobbies - Kampfgruppe
People's Wargames - Korsun Pocket
Robert Bayma - Drang Nach Osten
Ral Partha - Galactic Grenadiers by Glenn Kidd; Cavern's Deep by Glenn Kidd
The Ohio Valley Chapter of the Society of Ancients - WRG Ancients Tourney 25mm by Steve Herndon and Tom Hazlett; WRG Ancients Tourney 15mm
Shore Games Group - Microgame 600 by Shawn Carroll; Imperium; GEV/Ogre (Metagaming) and Keven Carroll; Warlord by Ray Zimmerman; Machiavelli by Bob Barton; Divine Right (TSR) by Bob Barton and sponsored by TSR; Samurai by Bruce Gasarch; Stellar Conquest; Cosmic Encounters (EON) by Al Hartmann; Panzer Leader by Walt Kluska; Melee/Wizard; Into the Labyrinth (Metagaming); The Wizard's Tower Marches On (Dungeons and Dragons tournament variation used previous year's Origins); Runequest (Chaosium) by Al Hartmann; Antares: Mission One (Traveller)
SPI - Napoleon At Waterloo by Joe Balkoski; Chickamauga by Brad Hessel; Dragonslayer Adventures by Eric Goldberg; Teamtripper by Jim Dunnigan
The Courier - Ship of the Line; The Creature That Ate Chester; WRG Armor Tournament
TSR Periodicals - Awful Green Things From Outer Space by Tim Kask; Starfire (Task Force Games); Circus Maximum, Chariot Race (Avalon Hill)
TSR - Dungeon by Will Niebling; Dwellers of the Forbidden City Origins '80s official Dungeons and Dragons tournament by Will Niebling; Top Secret by Will Niebling; Gamma World by Will Niebling
Wilmark Dynasty - Fantasy Combat Tournament, Runequest by Kent Aist; The World of D-Con Challenge by Jean Jaques Records; Lake of Parity Expedition by John Corridan; The Burgundy Pit: A Quest for the Wizard's Crown replay of PennCon '78 tourney by John Corradin; Journey to the Center of the Circle by Micaeala Corradin; Destruction of the Dragonlords by Jean Jaques Records of Wilmark Dynasty; A Visit to Jesterhauza by Kent Aist; Traveller Challenge: The Johnston Device by Kan Warren; Runequest Expedition
Washington Gaming Association - Gladitorial Combat by Tom Filmore; The Maze of Karti by Tim Welse, Ted McDonald, Bob Giglio, Tom Doughtry; The Ruins, AD&D tourney by Dave Simmons; Boot Hill (TSR) by Bob Giglio; The Crypts of Clazar by Ted McDonald
Yaquinto - Hero by Mike Metheny; Marine 2002; Swashbucker by George Petronius; Time War by Steve Peek; Ironclad by John Fuseler; Panzer/88 by Craig Taylor


Holding on to this Dimension Six advertisement 'The Dungeon' designed by The Garret. Littn. Co.; The Basic Set #3001 3 dimensional Building set.

Also, a Darlene personal advertisement for her artwork....

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