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GenCon East (1981)

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Tome Crew
Tome Crew

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 11:11 pm    Post subject: GenCon East (1981) Reply with quote

Title: GenCon East
Item Code: n/a
Type: Convention program booklet
Copyright: n/a by Eastern Gaming Association (EGA)
Author(s): n/a
Artwork: n/a
Cartography: n/a
Place of Publication: n/a
Printer: n/a
Format: 90 page softcover, stapled, plus registration sheet
ISBN: n/a
Cover Price: $1.00
Mass: 126g
Dimensions: length 21.6cm, width 13.9cm, thickness .6cm


Avalon Hill--

Avalon Hill Classic (Africa Korps, Waterloo, Stalingrad, Midway, Alexander, Chancellorville, Invasion of Malta or Anzio)
Richthoven's War Demo Derby
Russian Campaign
Wooden Ships & Iron Men
War at Sea
Speed Circuit
Football Strategy
Rail Baron
Victory in the Pacific
Crescendo of Doom
Circus Maximus
Win, Place & Show

Connecticut Game Club--

Collegiate Crew Regatta

Eon Products--

Cosmic Encounters

H.P. Gibson & Sons--

Escape from Colditz

Game Designers Workshop--

Trillion Credit Squadron (Traveller)

Nova Games--

The Hammer of Thor

Glen Taylor--

Youngstown Diplomacy Variant

National Monstergaming Society--

Wacht am Rhein

New York Game Board--

Diplomacy Tournament

Omar DeWitt--

Duplicate Eylau (SPI)

Robert Beyma--

DNO Tournament

Shore Games Group--

Microgame 600 (Metagaming)
Stellar Conquest (Metagaming)
GEV/OGRE (Steve Jackson Games)
Imperium (GDW)
Machiavelli (AH)
Divine Right (TSR)
Awful Green Things from Outer Space (Dragon Publishing)
Star Fleet Battles Demolition Derby
Star Fleet Battles Tournament (Task Force Games)
One Page Bulge (Steve Jackson Games)
Melee/Wizard (Metagaming)
Advanced Melee/Wizard (Metagaming)
Starfire (Task Force Games)
Hitler's War (Metagaming)
Air Force/Dauntless (AH)
Dungeon (TSR)
Conquest (SGG)


The Creature That Ate Sheboygan

Triangle Simulations Society--

Speed Circuit Tournament Tracks (Argon Games)


Fight in the Sky

Washington Gaming Association--

Kingmaker (AH)

Yaquinto Publications--

Pickett's Charge
Fast Attack Boats
Demon's Run
Roaring Twenties
Asteroid Pirates
The Thin Red Line
Time War
Shooting Stars
The Ironclads
Attack of the Mutants
The Barbarians


Rod Burr--

WRG Armor Tournament (WRG 1925-1950 and WRG 1950-1985 rules)

Raymond C. Easterbrook--

15mm Medieval Mass Battle Tannenburg (Knighthood and the Middle Ages rules)

Connecticut Game Club--

Circus Minimus (AH's Circus Maximus rules)
19th Century Open (Yaquinto's The Sword and the Flame rules)
Commando Adventure

Christopher Parker--

Follow Me!
American Civil War
Squad Leader in 15mm Miniatures

Columbia Wargaming Club--

Empire Tournament
Stars & Bars
WRG Ancients 25mm
WRG Ancients 15mm

Martian Metals--

Trollball (Chaosium)

Triangle Simulation Society--

Sword & Flame #1 (Yaquinto)
Sword & Flame #2 (Yaquinto)
Heart of Oak #1 (Walter Willaims' Miniatures Sailing Rules)
Heart of Oak #2 (Walter Willaims' Miniatures Sailing Rules)
Command at Sea (Metagaming)

Wesley Methodist Fantasy Role Gamers--

Star Fleet Battles (Lou Zocchi's Star Fleet Battle Manual)


Connecticut Game Club--

Road to Mormoreth
Mines of Sizemon (probably The Mines of Siseman)
Suni's Quest (AD&D rules)

Dan "Igor" White--

Challenge Dungeon (AD&D rules)

Game Designers Workshop--

Official GDW Traveller Tournament


Incident at the Johnstown Bridge (Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory rules)
A Night at the Singing Siren (The Compleat Tavern rules)
Duel Arcane
The 'Prince of Thieves' Competition (confer Prince of Thieves '81)

Glenn Taylor--

The Quest for Jewel (D&D variant rules)
Empire of the Petal Throne

Iron Crown--

The Quest of the Iron Crown

Jenkintown Area Wargamers--

Shrine of Mecha

Ken Rolston--

In Media Res (AD&D)
The New Fens of Ralios (Runequest)
The Sign of the Thistle (Tunnels & Trolls)
The Temple at Bona . . . Arriflex Mordel Returns(AD&D)
Castle Maul (AD&D)
Find Five Fast (AD&D)
The Ruined Temple at Preel
Valley of the Son of Hinnom (AD&D)
Beginner's Rubble at Mael

Monroe Country Wargamer's Conference--

Operation Silver Hammer (Top Secret)
The Assassin's Quest (AD&D)

Ragnarok Enterprises--

Ragnarok's Challenge Dungeon (Characters from C&S, AD&D, T&T, and RQ will be accepted)
The Ring of Gilrod (AD&D)

Shore Games Group--

The Wizard's Tower Marches On (AD&D variant)
The Wizard's Tower Never Sleeps (AD&D variant)
The Apprentice's Tower (AD&D variant)
The Room of Wonder (AD&D variant)
The Inn between the Worlds (AD&D variant)
Runequest (RQ)
The Fantasy Trip--The Turrillian Center (Metagaming)
The Fantasy Trip--Under the Moon of Blood (Metagaming)
The City of Llehai
The Toy Factory of Maratel (AD&D)
Meet the Prophet of Doom (RQ)
The Ruins of Shang (TFT)
The Throne of the Ice Witch (TFT)
The Tower in the Marsh (TFT)
The Pun Dungeon
The Plains of Leng (AD&D variant)
The Great Northern Temple of Seeker (AD&D variant)


The Forbidden Way (Universe)
Dragonquest (preview of The Enchanted Wood)


Gamma World
AD&D Open Tournament
RPGA AD&D Tournament (RPGA members only)
Exec 1 (Top Secret)

Wilmark Dynasty--

Countdown at Villa Arhoz (AD&D variant)
Escape from Shadowland (AD&D variant)
To the Center of the Circle (AD&D variant)
The Vampire's Mirror (AD&D variant)
The Screaming Swamp Temple (AD&D)
Fortunes Told, Won & Lost (AD&D variant)
Wilmark's Threescore Revenge (generic)
Space Angel (GDW Traveller)

Washington Gaming Association--

Wizard of the Uhrath (D&D)
Raba's Revenge (D&D)
Seven Keys for Kevin's Keep (D&D)
The Haunted Inn (D&D)
Boot Hill (TSR)
Superhero 2044
Assault on the Tower of the Wizard King (D&D)

Wesley Methodist Fantasy Role Gamers--

Black Rose (AD&D)
The House on the Borderlands (AD&D)
Temple of the Elders (AD&D)
The Book of "S" (AD&D)
The Tomb of Deth (AD&D)
Breaking the Circle (AD&D)
Mission to Nembor (AD&D)
Elven Honor

Willingboro Gamers--

Chivalry & Sorcery Tournament
Runequest/Gateway Tournament


Connecticut Game Club--

Nuclear War (Flying Buffalo)
Cosmic Whimpout
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Discovery Games)

Nova Games--

Ace of Aces

Shore Games Group--

Invasion Orion Variant (computer game)

Late Additions:

Archive Miniatures--

Star Rovers Seminar
Sword Lords Demonstration
Star Rovers Demonstration

Eisenwerk Industries--

Everything About Figures
How to Start a Miniatures Gaming Club


War in Europe Demonstration (SPI)

Monroe County Wargamers Conference--

Descent to Citadel Nim Loth


Spies #1 (SPI)
Spies #2 (SPI)

Shore Games Group--

Dungeon of Doom (computer)
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think I have a GenCon East II program, will check when I get home from CA.
Allan Grohe

Editor and Project Manager, Black Blade Publishing
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